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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Thursday Links (11/13)

-- I have a story on the latest round of injury moves on the offensive line in today's Telegraph.

-- The Banner-Herald has a story about the lack of production from Georgia's defensive ends.

-- The Ledger-Enquirer says this week's game will have an effect on both teams' recruiting.

-- The Mobile Press-Register has a story about the relationship between Mark Richt and Tommy Tuberville.

-- Speaking of the coach, Dixie UGA Dawg wants to see more of Evil Richt.

-- UGA's official site gets some keys to the game from Kelin Johnson.

-- Don't forget the men's hoops team begins its defense of its SEC title tomorrow against USC-Upstate.

-- Some interesting podcasts from 960 the Ref: Former Georgia kicker Kevin Butler, the hero of the 2002 Georgia-Auburn game Michael Johnson, and Auburn play-by-play man Rod Bramlett.

-- Auburn's Tray Blackmon is done for the year with an injury, but it sounds like he might be done fo-evah. According to Tommy Tuberville, though, Blackmon has only been missing class due to a part-time job because, like Latrell Sprewell, he's got kids to feed.

-- Speaking of play-by-play men, Larry Munson's voice can still be heard in a new public service announcement.

-- ESPN is making a hefty bid to begin broadcasting the BCS bowls in 2010. The good news? It has to be a million times better than FOX. The bad news? It guarantees the BCS set-up won't be changing any time soon.

-- The AJC's Michael Carvell has an interesting piece on the son of former UGA running back Lars Tate, who is a star for Cartersville High.

-- I'm not saying there's any good reason for you to read this story, but something tells me at some point at some future cocktail party, you're going to be involved in a conversation with someone and be very glad you know this much about bagels.

-- They say there is a thin line between comedy and tragedy. I can't imagine there is a better example of it than THIS.

-- Oh, and happy Auburn week. I should have linked to THIS earlier.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

UGA biting the Aubie is a beautiful thing, but you should also watch then video that pops up at the end that is "related", the one where the Plainsmen gets biten by the police dog after celebrating a mildy impressive coverage play.

Nothing to do with AU v UGA history, but funny none-the-less.