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Friday, November 21, 2008

Friday Links (11/21)

OK, folks. I'm taking the weekend off, so this will likely be the final post until Sunday night. Of course, with my first weekend off from traveling to college football games, I'm choosing to travel to a college football game. I'm heading up to Chapel Hill to see UNC-NC State and get a firsthand idea of just how bad the ACC is.

Be sure to check out Doug Stutsman's coverage of the UGA hoops game in tomorrow's Telegraph, and Sunday I'll have a big feature on Rennie Curran.

In the meantime, here are a few links to keep you busy...

-- I know it becomes easy to criticize coaches and players when the screw up, but it's also easy to forget they're people, too. This story from Chip Towers is a good reminder.

-- Jeremy Price and the Bulldogs found their trip out to Indiana to be a mixed bag, but took a good lesson from it.

-- Catfish and Cornbread has more UGA hoops talk .

-- Get the Picture has some insight into last night's big win for Georgia Tech, and looks back fondly on the 2003 UGA-Tech game. In order to maintain an air of objectivity here, I won't mention any of my thoughts on Reggie Ball.

-- With Georgia off this weekend, ESPN's Chris Low gives you some suggestions on what to watch instead.

-- Former Bulldog Brandon Miller has found a new home.

-- Normally I'd be more excited about a list of the 20 greatest movie car chases, but I refuse to really endorse any list that doesn't either list "The French Connection" or a Burt Reynolds film No. 1.

-- I have absolutely no idea how I'm supposed to feel about this story. On one hand, I suppose it's a nice gesture. On the other hand, perhaps giving the guy some rent money might have been more helpful. On a third hand, "Role Model?" And how do you think the invitation to this went down?

Homeless guy: "Hey, aren't you Tony Romo? Can you spare some change?"

Romo: "Sorry, I don't carry change around, but wanna catch a movie?"

Homeless guy: "Is Jessica coming, too?"

Romo: "Um, no."

Homeless guy: "Why can't you win a playoff game?"

Romo: "This movie has that Stiffler guy in it."

-- In my ongoing quest to keep you informed on all major mustache-related news, here's a list of rock's all-time greatest mustaches. I'm partial to any list that includes members of the Electric Mayhem.

-- Speaking of rock, if you were a big Nirvana fan in the early 1990s, you no doubt remember Krist Novoselic getting plunked in the head by his bass on the 1992 MTV Video Awards. In his column in Seattle Weekly, Novoselic finally tells his side of the story -- and apparently he doesn't much care for Axl Rose.

-- Speaking of Axl Rose (some great seques today, eh?), Dr. Pepper is giving away free soda to make good on a promise that if "Chinese Democracy" ever got released, they'd give a free soda to everyone in America. I assume that also includes Tony Romo's movie date.

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