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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Wednesday Links (11/26)

Didn't get any links up yesterday due to a rather hectic schedule, so a few more than usual today...

-- I have a story in today's Telegraph on the importance of Georgia's defenders sticking to their assignments -- something they haven't necessarily done a great job of this season.

-- The brilliant Mr. Coley Harvey looks at the same issue from Georgia Tech's side of things .

-- The Bulldogs' hoops team finally looks like its offense is clicking. Man, if Trey Thompkins is this good without having practiced, what's his potential look like? (BTW, Syracuse!)

-- The Dallas Morning News would love to see a Texas Tech-Georgia matchup in the Cotton Bowl. I'll be honest, that might get kinda ugly for Georgia's D. Of course, what's more fun in a bowl game than watching a 51-48 game?

-- Chip Towers writes about the friendship between Mike Bobo and Georgia Tech's Brian Bohannon.

-- More rivaly relationships: The AJC's Larry Hartstein has a story on Tech's kicker, Scott Blair, whose sister was a member of UGA's equestrian team.

-- Falcons broadcaster Wes Durham talks about Tech's offense and Jonathan Dwyer in this podcast with 960 the Ref.

-- Total UGA talks about Tripp Chandler's battle to stay on the field this season.

-- Check out Kelin Johnson's keys to the game this week. We'll have more with Kelin here later this week.

-- ESPN's Chris Low is predicting a shootout at Sanford Stadium on Saturday, with the Dawgs prevailing by four.

-- Vince Dooley will be honored in an early morning dedication ceremony before the Tech game. Georgia's seniors will be honored prior to kickoff. And now Larry Munson will be honored during halftime on Saturday.

-- Speaking of Coach Dooley, he passes along some tips on stopping the option. Meanwhile, Thomas Stinson writes about the key matchup between UGA's O-line and Tech's D-line.

-- Georgia Sports Blog has more on the Syracuse-inspired catastrophe happening in South Bend.

-- I think Bruce Pearl is pretty universally likable -- what with the orange blazers and all -- but apparently there's one person with an axe to grind against the Vols' coach.

-- And finally, Reason No. 1,847 why I hate Andy Reid.


Anonymous said...

"TT vs UGA ugly for UGA's D?"

C'mon David, didn't we hear that crap last year before the Sugar Bowl?

David Hale said...

Not from me! I had no doubt Georgia would destroy Hawaii. I'm just saying, if the D gave up 38 to Kentucky, Tex Tech has a much better offense than that. Maybe I'm wrong, just on paper it doesn't make for a great matchup.

Anonymous said...

"TT vs UGA ugly for UGA's D?"

I know there is a difference between TT '08 and HI '07, but I couldn't resist being the blindly loyal fan.

Happy Thanksgiving David.

PS When I was a kid I guess freshmen weren't on the Varsity team. UGA and Tech would play a freshman game on Thanksgiving. I went to several.

Later in life I met a man who was a SEC referee and he called one UGA v GT freshman game. As the clock was running out - GT had the ball and was down by four points. GT went for it on 4th down. It was a close spot but GT didn't make it. GT's offense thought they had made it and snapped the ball and ran in for a touchdown as the clock ran out. Pandemonium broke out and the referees ran off the field. AJC Scribe Furman Bisher called my friend the referee in the dressing room and said "I've got one question- who won the game?"

David Hale said...

That is a great story! The best part of these rivalries is the great stories that come out of them that get told over and over years later.

Anonymous said...

Actually David the honoring for Munson will not be during halftime, but in between the first and second quarters.

The Seniors will be honored before the game so everybody please get your asses in the seats early!!!