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Monday, November 10, 2008

Monday Notes (11/10)

It was just three weeks ago that left tackle Clint Boling took a big sigh of relief and complimented the offensive line on finally starting to gel. When he came off the practice field Monday, however, Boling was back to playing dumb about who might be starting next to him this week.

Right tackle Justin Anderson will miss Saturday's game against Auburn with a foot injury, and once again Georgia's offensive line finds itself in a state of flux.

"It's definitely a little bit frustrating, but as long as we have five guys, I think we'll be alright," Boling said. "Until we have less than five guys to play, (only) then will we be in trouble."

Just who those five guys will be and where they will be playing remains a mystery one Boling isn't at liberty to solve, he said.

Head coach Mark Richt didn't provide many answers either.

"I don't know what we're going to do," Richt said. "We're just not sure yet."

Josh Davis, who started Georgia's first game at right tackle, filled in for Anderson in the latter stages against Kentucky, but Richt said Tanner Strickland or Kiante Tripp could play there as well. Freshman Cordy Glenn could also move from left guard to right tackle, Richt said, but that would simply open up a hole at his previous position.

"There's a good chance just about every one of them son-of-a-guns is going to play, but we just don't know how they're going to line up yet," Richt said.

Anderson, who could return in time for the Georgia Tech game Nov. 29, will be the fourth starting lineman to miss a game this season, and eight different players have started at least one game on the line, not including Trinton Sturdivant, who was the projected starter at left tackle but injured his knee in fall camp.

"It just seems like each week something else happens, but there's nothing really you can do about it," Boling said. "You've just got to keep playing."

-- Just in case fans thought Georgia's end-zone celebration against Florida was the only time the Bulldogs managed to upset an opponent, Auburn wide receiver Rod Smith made it known he was carrying a hefty chip on his shoulder, too.

Smith, who is from Snellville, said Georgia's dancing to the rap song "Crank Dat Soulja Boy" during last season's "blackout" has nagged at him for a full year, and he's hoping to get a bit of revenge this season.

"That's been on my mind for the whole year," Smith said. "They even had whoever was calling the game -- those guys were up in press box (dancing). That got to me. I've definitely been looking forward to this game. This is the game that's been marked on my calendar since last year.

Georgia defensive tackle Corvey Irvin said his team has gotten used to people wanting revenge, and he said the extra motivation Auburn might have doesn't worry him.

"I hope they'll be motivated because I'm going to be motivated," Irvin said. "If they are out for revenge, oh well. They have to do what they have to do, but we'll be ready though."

-- Georgia's captains for this week's game will be Matthew Stafford, Knowshon Moreno, Rennie Curran and Andrew Williams.

-- Speaking of captains, the men's hoops teams announced it would have three captains this season: Seniors Corey Butler and Terrance Woodbury, along with junior
center Albert Jackson, have been elected tri-captains.

The trio was elected to its captaincy through a vote of the team that was conducted late last week.

"I speak for all of their teammates when I say that the leadership of our team is in good hands," Dennis Felton said. "Wood, Corey, and A.J. all understand what an honor it is to be a Bulldog and they have done an excellent job of conveying that message to their teammates."

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Ally said...

Clint's "back to playing dumb " just because he doesn't know yet what CSS is going to do about replacing Bean?

Little surprised at the wording there.