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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Tuesday Links (11/18)

-- Prior to throwing the book at some poor, unsuspecting criminal, Chip Towers writes in his blog that the Bulldogs don't seem to have much heart.

-- Georgia Sports Blog attempts to put this season into perspective by showing you life through a Michigan fan's eyes.

-- Tim Tucker writes about the amazing A.J. Green.

-- Barack Obama wants a college football playoff system, but CBS's Dennis Dodd thinks there's a better chance he'll get universal healthcare, find Bin Laden and select Donald Runsfeld as his secretary of state. The impending TV deal with ESPN virtually guarantees that.

-- Georgia baseball signed four players yesterday.

-- The Red & Black's Tyler Estep has a great Q&A with Kris Durham in which he asks the junior WR how he feels about being compared to George McFly.

-- ESPN's Chris Low has a great post today about Florida's offense making quick work of its opponents. This is a point I've made several times this season. In Florida's case, do we really know how good their defense is? A 24-0 lead after the first quarter completely takes your opponent out of its game plan -- and what kind of test is that really for your defense? In Georgia's case, not only has the offense and special teams put the D in a bad way with turnovers and bad play, but the red-zone struggles have kept points off the scoreboard which has also kept opponents from having to significantly adjust their game plan. Bottom line: A good offense = a good defense.


Anonymous said...

I would've voted for Obama simply on the platform of eliminating the BcS and going to a playoff system. I wish the BcS officials would simply come out and admit that this is about $$ and has nothing to do with the players or fans...b/c if that were the case, there would be a playoff system like there is in EVERY sport!!!

Anonymous said...

Speaking of the President-Elect, you misspelled his first name.