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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Richt: No Coaching Changes

Mark Richt said he did not expect to make any coaching changes during the offseason when he spoke with reporters on his regular Sunday teleconference. Here are his comments...

On whether he anticipates making any coaching changes: "I really don't. We're going to get better, and we're going to do a better job next year, I can promise you that."

On whether he is happy the season is over: "I guess we've just got the bar raised so high that anything less than a championship is a disappointment. That's not all bad. I want the Georgia people, the players and the coaches to expect championships. I want that to be our goal, but when you come up short of it, it hurts."

"I guess you have to have a season like this here and there to really appreciate the other ones."

On the bowl game: "We're going to get an opportunity to play on national television one more time, let the country see us play. We want to make a good showing, have a strong finish and help our seniors have their last ballgame be a victory."

On defensive shortcomings this year: "I'm not sure we tackled enough. We had so many injuries early on in fall camp … and we were a little bit more cautious than we had been in the past on tackle-to-the-ground drills. In hindsight we probably missed that."

On making a change on kickoffs for the bowl game: "I think that's possible. I'm not going to say that will happen, but there's a chance of it happening. We've got to get the kick where guys can go cover it and know where it's going to be, and we just haven't been consistent in that area."

"Lindley has been the guy, and he's the next option right now."

On how he will go about evaluating things after the season: "We're just going to start at the top and go to the bottom on just everything that we do and really critique it, be willing to do whatever it takes to get better."

"It's really not a whole lot different than any other season. In the offseason you try to go top to bottom with what you do and how you do it, but it might be with an even finer tooth comb than usual."

"We just have to be real open and honest in our evaluation of ourselves and do what it takes to get better."


Anonymous said...

I really, really hope that he is just espousing "coach-speak" when talking about coaching changes.

Looking back to WVU in 2005, the defense has simply disappeared time after time. I am sure that CWM is a good man, and I know that he is a great DB coach, but he is no defensive coordinator. He has had time to prove himself and has failed miserably. There is no excuse for CMR to not make changes. If he does not, and continues to suffer abominal embarrasments as he did on Saturday, he will be fired.

There is absolutely NO EXCUSE for losing to a high school offense and a team which has vastly inferior talent to you. The only reason is piss-poor coaching, and we have seen plenty of that this season. CMR needs to wake up. He is here to win games and mold young men and he is failing miserably at both. How do you have a player get a DUI the week of GTU? Absolutely pitiful.

Anonymous said...

I first want to say that this problem doesn't fall solely on the shoulders of Willie Martinez. Our special teams is just as terrible and a fair share of the blame should fall on the players themselves.

That being said, I respect Richt's confidence in his close friend CWM, but this has gone on long enough. T Kyle King's post states the obvious. His numbers don't lie. Check out the post:

King's post uses numbers, not feelings and proves that our defense isn't what it used to be.

I'm sick of watching games where no halftime adjustments that work are made.
I'm sick of seeing shoulder tackling and missed assignments.
I'm sick of injuries being an excuse. Stacy Searels' O-line had a plethora of injuries this year yet he did his job and our O line looked pretty good.
I'm sick of hearing that we have a solid game plan but the players aren't executing. If the players don't execute, bench them.

There comes a time when Coaches must take responsibility. After all, it is their job, and they get paid the big bucks to perform.

Richt's comments could just be him attempting to keep things quiet until a change is made, but, if they are his true feelings then Richt really needs to step back from the program and get a look at the big picture. The big picture is that there is a lack of fundamental football being played on our defense and our special teams, something which is unacceptable from a program of our stature.

I have always had confidence in CMR, but these last few weeks have really had me questioning that confidence.

Anonymous said...

Richt's aloofness makes one wonder if he has a problem at home or something. When Kathryn had cancer, for instance (thank the lord for her recovery), that had to have taken a tremendous toll of the man.

It's almost like there is something distracting the guy or forcing him to approach and address this season as if he's the floating man.

BTW - he can call us spoiled with our high expectations, but Florida fans expect and demand the same. So don't give me that bullshit excuse coach.

Get your head on straight please.

Carter said...

Richt: "No Coaching Changes."

Jack Woltz: "Johnny Fontane never gets that movie."

If Richt refuses to fire Martinez, someone should leave a horse's head in his bed.

Anonymous said...

If he is actually so deluded to think our disappointment is about not getting to the SECC game, then he needs to be committed. For God sakes CMR, what the hell are you thinking?

We're disappointed because we have the worst Defense in the history of Georgia football! We're disappointed because this team got worse as the season went along! We're disappointed because you took top-notch recruits & didn't teach them how to freaking tackle!!! We're disappointed because we continue to not show up for big games year after year since Martinez has been the DC!

That's just the beginning of the list! He needs to stop telling the fans they don't understand football and actually listen to what we're saying. He also needs to remember that pissing off the people that foot the bill for his multi-million dollar salary is not at all smart!

For God sakes, I'm beginning to wonder if he is the coach we all thought he was. And tell him David not to worry about our high expectations anymore. As long as he keeps CWM no Georgia fan in their right mind will ever expect to win a championship again. We now know that ain't gonna happen.

Anonymous said...

I've been a season ticket holder and contributor since 2002. A change in Defensive Coordinator is necessary if I am to continue.