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Friday, March 6, 2009

Friday Links (3/6)

I've got a bunch of stuff on tap for today, so just a quick batch of links to get your morning started. Don't forget that the Lady Dogs tip off this afternoon against Vandy in a game that will likely make or break their tourney hopes, while the Diamond Dogs open a three-game set tonight against Quinnipiac in search of their first 10-0 start in program history.

-- Speaking of the baseball team, I've got a story in today's Telegraph on freshman leadoff hitter Johnathan Taylor, who is earning rave reviews from his coaches and teammates.

-- Meanwhile, Georgia's No. 2 starter, Alex McRee (not to be confused with Ricky McPhee) will be out for a while after being diagnosed with mono.

-- And speaking of the Lady Dogs, the Banner-Herald's Marc Weiszer has the highlights from yesterday's key win vs. Kentucky.

-- The Valdosta Daily Times says that it's more about what happened on the field in 2008 than the economy of 2009 that has hindered contributions to the UGA football program.

-- There's been plenty of talk about UGA shelling out big dollars for Jeff Capel, while Bernie's Dawg Blog breaks down the coaching search in a way anyone can understand.

-- Speaking of dollars, Georgia has reached an agreement with interim coach Pete Herrmann on his compensation for half-a-season's worth of head coaching duties.

-- Georgia's win at Kentucky on Wednesday means bad things for UK coach Billy Gillespie.

-- The Examiner looks at how Mark Richt has been able to keep his coaching staff intact.

-- Urban Meyer has found his new grudge for the 2009 season. Thanks, Lane.

-- This has really nothing to do with anything, but I came across this article in the New York Times about free-throw shooting and found it oddly fascinating.

-- And finally, while I've found out over the past few weeks how many UGA fans are also avid viewers of "Lost," as it turns out, apparently one of the main characters on the show is also a fan of the Dawgs. (H/t Shannon)


BeachGaBulldog said...

I like all the Bulldog links, but please stop talking about that show "Lost". How long can you go on with a show about people on an island. They are either going to get rescued, or reproduce and die. There is enough garbage on TV as it is. Friday Night Lights is a heck of a lot better.

Anonymous said...

watch your mouth beachgabulldog

jferg said...

i have to agree with beachgabulldog on this one...i've wathed every episode of Lost and I hate it...i am way to committed now to just "stop watching" but i hate every new episode...freakin' lost...

Ubiquitous GA Alum said...

Any word if Meyer is having the team do shirtless pushups until they play the Viles?

Crane said...

You realize 'Sawyer' went to UGA for a time.

Personally I love the show.

Will said...

So its becoming a general rule: "Hugos" love the Dawgs. (e.g. Chavez)

Anonymous said...

I couldn't giver a rats ass about Urban Meyer and who or what his new grudge is against. If anyone honestly thinks that another coach or player actually "fears" what Meyer may do is a twit and needs to grow a pair. The reason FL beat GA so soundly last year was our level of play - not theirs. That sonofab*tch isn't intimidating in any way whatsoever.

So F FLorida and to hell with Urban Meyer and his megalomaniac attitude. They've beaten us when we were the better team and there is no legitimate reason that we cannot do the same.