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Friday, March 6, 2009

UGA Releases Pre-Spring Depth Chart

Georgia released its tentative pre-spring depth chart. Here it is in full.

(NOTE: I starred the designated starters at DT and DE.)

Joe Cox
Logan Gray
Zach Mettenberger
Aaron Murray
Jonathan Batson

Split End
Kris Durham
Tavarres King
Tony Wilson
Vernon Spellman
Zach Renner

A.J. Green
Michael Moore
Israel Troupe
Marquise Brown
Taylor Bradberry


Caleb King
Carlton Thomas
Kalvin Daniels
Kevin Lanier

Shaun Chapas
Fred Munzenmaier
Cortney Newmans
Josh Sailors

Left Tackle
Clint Boling
Casey Nickels

Left Guard
Cordy Glenn
A.J. Harmon

Ben Jones
Dallas Lee
Kevin Perez

Right Guard
Tanner Strickland
Ben Harden

Right Tackle
Justin Anderson
Jonathan Owens
John Boldin

Tight End

Aron White
Bryce Ros
Derek Rich

Defensive End
Demarcus Dobbs*
Justin Houston*
Kiante Tripp
Jeremy Longo

Defensive Tackle

Kade Weston*
Geno Atkins*
DeAngelo Tyson
Brandon Wheeling
Ricardo Crawford

Sam Linebacker
Darryl Gamble
Nick Williams
Devin Hollander

Mike Linebacker
Akeem Dent
Marcus Washington
Charles White
Jason Veal

Will Linebacker
Rennie Curran
Marcus Dowtin
Christian Robinson
Jackson Griffeth

Strong Safety
Reshad Jones
Quintin Banks
Bacarri Rambo
Andrew Johnson

Free Safety
Bryan Evans
John Knox
Markiri Pugh
Stephen Braue

Weakside Corner
Prince Miller
Vance Cuff
Eric Elliot
Christian Norton

Short Corner

Brandon Boykin
Sanders Commings
Chad Gloer


Drew Butler
Trent Dittmer
Jordan Stowe

Blair Walsh
Andrew Jensen
Jamie Lindley

Ty Frix
Derek Rich
Billy Johnson

Drew Butler

Punt Returner
Prince Miller
Logan Gray
Reshad Jones

Kick Returner
Brandon Boykin
Carlton Thomas

A few notes of warning before you flip out reading this:

1.) It does not include any injured players who are not expected to participate fully in spring practice.

2.) It does not include any of the 2009 signees beyond the three who are already enrolled.

3.) This is a best-guess scenario and really means little beyond who is listed as a starter... and even then it doesn't necessarily mean much.

4.) A lot can change during the spring. That's really the whole point of spring practice after all.

Having said all that, I think there are a few interesting notes to observe here...

-- The school breaks down WRs in two positions, but that's hardly accurate. The depth chart would be better reflected if a slot receiver position was added. At this point, Michael Moore is clearly a starter -- at least until Marlon Brown gets on campus.

-- Just as offensive coordinator Mike Bobo intimated yesterday, Clint Boling is set as the team's starting left tackle for spring practice. Don't expect him to still be there when fall practice begins though. That job is still likely Trinton Sturdivant's to lose, and Boling is far more likely to fit in at guard.

-- I know people are excited about the potential depth on the offensive line in 2009, but that definitely won't be the case in the spring, as evidenced by Tanner Strickland's inclusion as the starting right guard.

-- Very interesting that Darryl Gamble is listed as the starter at Sam after playing so well at Mike last year. Meanwhile, last year's starter at Sam, Akeem Dent, looks to be the top guy in the middle now.

-- Bryan Evans looks to have the inside track to start at safety, and from what I've heard during mat drills, that's been well earned during the past month.

-- I can't possibly believe that Logan Gray's name on the punt returner depth chart is anything more than a formality at this point. He needs to be all QB, all the time.

-- I mentioned it in my notes today, but I'm intrigued by the Brandon Boykin's name at returner. While I think there's a good chance Carlton Thomas becomes the main guy at both punt and kick returner, Nick Williams told me that Boykin worked out there in practice often last season and looked great doing it.

So, anything else jump out at you? What do you think could change during the spring?


watcher16 said...

Where's the story of the impressive baseball feat, Dave?!

atlstew said...

as you said this means very little but its still exciting.

Noops Dawg said...

By the way, since you have "Lost" mentioned in your poll, I thought you might like this David.

Seems that Hurley is either a Dawg fan, or he's wearing a UGA jacket on the show. And Jorge Garcia, the guy who plays Hurley on the show, actually commented on the blog about it.

Anonymous said...

Dallas Lee moves to Center? Wasn't he an og in college?

Universal Remonster said...

I think it's interesting that Mettenberger is listed over Murray at QB.