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Friday, August 27, 2010

Ealey arrested

Georgia tailback Washaun Ealey was arrested early on Friday morning on charges of hit and run and driving on a suspended license; Ealey was also held on an outstanding bench warrant from July.

The municipal bench warrant was for failing to appear in court after a speeding ticket.

The charges are misdemeanors. Ealey was being held at jail on bond as of Friday at 11 a.m.

Ealey, 21, was arrested by the UGA Police, who said alcohol was not involved, and no one was injured.

Ealey, a sophomore, was Georgia’s leading rusher last year with 717 yards, and scored three touchdowns.

He was expected to share carries this year with junior Caleb King, who on Thursday was named the tentative starter by running backs coach Bryan McClendon.

There has been no comment yet from Georgia or head coach Mark Richt, which is understandable since Ealey was booked just after 5 a.m.

Jimmy Williamson, police chief of the university of Georgia, said Ealey was charged with two misdemeanors: driving on a suspended license and failing to obey "duty upon strike."

At 3:19 a.m., a vehicle made contact with a parked vehicle in the East parking deck at UGA. That was witnessed by parking service employees, who confronted the driver. The driver parked the car and left the scene.

Officers arrived and tracked the car to an Athens residence. They first talked to his roommate, who informed them it had been his roommate, Ealey, driving the car.

The police spoke to Ealey, and determined that he had been driving on a suspended license. He was subsequently arrested.

This is the eighth Georgia player to be arrested this calendar year. Tavarres King, a receiver, is suspended for at least the season opener after being cited for underage possession of alcohol.

It also follows the high-profile arrest of then-athletics director Damon Evans on June 30. Evans was arrested in Atlanta on charges of driving under the influence, and embarrassing details in the police report led to his forced resignation.

Ealey is also the fourth Georgia player in the past year to be charged with operating a vehicle without a license or with a suspended license.


Anonymous said...

Un-frigging believable! When are these kids ever going to learn?

Anonymous said...

uh...pretty sure the DUI alone was enough to get Damon Evans fired.

Anonymous said...

At least no alcohol was involved. He'll be out for a while though.

Sports Dawg said...

Now isn't this just great.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone on the team have a normal driver's license?!

Mike said...
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Anonymous said...

And just when I thought we'd relinquish the top spot in the Fulmer Cup standings ...

Anonymous said...

Was he driving Mudcat's car?

Anonymous said...

the athletic department and the coach are obviously not doing the job they are paid to do

how can the boss of georgia sports and football not know there is a warrant for arrest for the 2nd best player on the team

what puzzles me is why these kids cannot be responsible for acting like upstanding citizens since they are getting a free education and a chance to go to the nfl for making more money in a few years than most people in a lifetime

frankly after reading about our team for 6 months waiting for the season to start i am thinking about ignoring georgia football this year

Anonymous said...

Prob just a one-gamer, right? I sure hope so bc we NEED him in Columbia.

Anonymous said...

I'm not justifying the behavior and in no way should this ever happen but the football team is not that far off from the ratio of regular UGA students getting arrested. The difference is the Biology major doesn't get his name plastered on every blog and in every newspaper in the state.

Anonymous said...

This shouldn't even be a one game suspension. After reading some of the details I had almost the same thing happen to me involving a suspended license.

Got a speeding ticket and I was going to go to court. I screwed up and forgot about the court date. A few months later I was in Athens and got pulled over and I immediately remembered I had forgotten the court date. You just don't realize how nervous you can be at that moment. Next thing I know I am tasting the hood of my car and then being treated like a major criminal. Technically they are just supposed to take your license away from you but I got a trip to jail anyway.

He'll pay for the damages, pay the fines, and that will be a lesson he won't forget for the rest of his life. This would be alot different if the parking attendant was a cop or if the accident had been on an actual road.

This is being blown way out of proportion and he doesn't even need deserve a 1 game suspension.