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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

McGarity and Richt on off-field issues

I know off-field, behavioral problems aren't what anybody wanted to be talking about four days before the season opener. But hey, blame Washaun Ealey and Damon Evans for that.

Greg McGarity, the new athletics director, and head coach Mark Richt both addressed the issue in their press conferences today.

McGarity discussed the problem of player arrests on Monday. But a day later he was asked his approach considering what happened to his predecessor, Evans.

The new boss said he was aware that he's now in the spotlight.

"I think those of us in leadership positions take on a huge responsibility. Probably a life-changing responsibility," McGarity said. "Regardless of what happened in the past, I think the eyes are on you. Now with the advent of cell phone cameras and things of that nature, your life totally changes. I've been sort of in the shadows for 18 years, heck I could go in restaurants and nobody would know me. It was just like a life where you didn't have to worry about some of the public things."

Now, McGarity knows he's representing Georgia, and he has to "do as I say." (Like, say, don't get picked up for a DUI when you tell crowds before a home game not to drink and drive.)

"I know that coming in. There's no surprises there," McGarity said. "So you've got to always be aware that the eyes are on you, whatever you say."

On the heels of the Ealey arrest, the eighth time a Georgia player has been cited this year, Richt was asked Tuesday about dealing with the issue.

Richt's answer was that the only "flaw" is if players aren't being disciplined.

“As long as we have 18-22 year old guys who are human beings, they are going to make mistakes. That’s just all there is to it," Richt said. "If you don’t discipline it, you have a problem. If they don’t learn from it, then they have a problem. If it’s severe enough that they don’t belong on the team, then they go, that’s just the way it is."

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