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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Morning links

A few links here and there as we wake up to a wet, overcast morning in Athens:

Georgia football commitment Christian LeMay, who was earlier suspended until mid-October of his senior year, will skip the season altogether, The Sporting News reports.

LeMay, ranked by some as the nation’s top quarterback prospect, was suspended by the Charlotte-Mecklenburg (N.C.) County school system for 30 days for an undisclosed violation.

Not sure what the Georgia coaches would think of the decision. (Obviously they can’t comment until he presumably signs in February).

- Georgia’s baseball team lost its top pitching prospect, as Drew Cisco (Charleston, S.C.) signed before Monday’s deadline. Cisco, a sixth-round pick of the Cincinnati Reds, reportedly received a signing bonus of $975,000.

- In other baseball deadline news, Clemson’s Kyle Parker signed with Colorado, but his deal allows him to play football one more year. So everybody’s happy. Not so at LSU, where quarterback Zach Lee surprisingly inked a deal with the Dodgers.

- Speaking of Clemson quarterbacks, remember Willy Korn? He transferred to Marshall after Parker cemented the starting job. Now he’s transferring again, to North Greenville, after Marshall tried to move him to safety.

All I can is … Wow. I actually covered Korn in high school – I’ve been in his home, interviewed him in his pajamas one time. I found him to be a level-headed kid who wasn’t buying much into his own hype. But his story is yet another reminder that the recruiting rankings are not to be considered sacrosanct.

- And finally, the current minor story that’s distracting people (and I don’t mean the mosque near Ground Zero):

A radio reporter in Arkansas has been fired after wearing a Florida hat to an Arkansas football news conference.

Silliness all around, if you ask me. (You didn’t, but hey.) Yeah, you shouldn’t wear apparel of another SEC school, even if you’re a graduate of said school. But it shouldn’t be a fireable offense.

This is something that sports media members are cognizant of on a daily basis. Or at least they should be. The general rule, as far as I can tell, is if you cover a college team, you better stay away from wearing a hat, shirt or whatever from another college team.

(Well, boxers are probably OK, unless there’s some risk than you’ll have to strip down at practice.)

Of course the biggest rule should be not wearing apparel of the team you’re actually covering. But with the changes in sports media lately, especially the proliferation of fan sites, that rule is sadly observed less and less these days. Sigh.


BK Dawg said...

Why were you inteviewing Korn in his pajamas? That's kinda weird wearing another persons pjs. I'm just sayin.

Buster said...

You might want to get your head out of the sand! The mosque at Ground Zero is NOT a minor distraction! The rest of the stuff in this post is!

JasonC said...

But Byrnes has such a system going, I think it overrates the QBs. Kinda like Texas Tech.

Anonymous said...

but the only way we can avoid retribution (minus the last person) is if we all put our heads in the sand at the exact same time.

AthensHomerDawg said...

Buster.....slow down dawg. That was kinda harsh.

just sayin'

dean said...

I'm not trying to bash Willy Corn but I got to see the kid play a couple of times in high school and I didn't come away impressed. I thought he was a decent QB but nowhere near what the recruiting sites had him. He was a good fit in Byrnes' system. But he didn't have the arm strength to play major D1 football, IMO.

Anonymous said...

I think Hale once met Mark Richt while Hale was wearing a Syracuse shirt and Richt ribbed him about the sorry state of affairs. I think it was technically a shirt for the j-school at SU, but MR still ribbed him. Didn't get him fired though.

FWIW, the twitter/facebook feeds for the reporter didn't do her any favors.

Anonymous said...

First - of course it is a fire-able offense - just by proving how dense you are. Second, they should be fired and run over (repeatedly)for wearing anything blue and orange.

Lastly- do us all a favor you libtard, keep politics out of our Bulldawg football. And yes, the mosque issue is HUGE and important to many, even if it is not to you Mr. ACLU.