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Monday, August 30, 2010

Sluggish practice, Mason status, etc.

Georgia held its last practice of the week in full pads. And head coach Mark Richt wasn’t too happy with how it went.

“I would have to say it left a little left to be desired,” Richt said. “I don’t think they were dogging it. But I could’ve liked to have seen a little bit more energy.”

Richt added that the fact it was the start of a fifth week of practice may have been why.

More notes from after practice:

- Mainly for injury reasons, Richt is a bit more up on his defense at this point.

“I think our defense is a little ahead of our offense, in that they’ve been a bit more healthy and been able to practice together more,” Richt said.

- There’s been much debate here on the blog about whether Hutson Mason should play this year. Or as soon as Saturday. So, because I do this for you, I asked Richt if they’d discussed Mason’s status yet.

“Yeah, but we haven’t told him anything yet,” Richt said.

So ask again in a day or two?

“Might have to ask me after the game Saturday,” Richt cracked.

Some other notes:

- Richt sort of cleared up who was starting at safety with Bacarri Rambo. The depth chart said Nick Williams, but Jakar Hamilton said he’d been told it was him.

Richt agreed that it was Hamilton and Rambo, but added that Williams “will play.”

- The only surprise in the official depth chart released Monday was Brandon Wood starting at one defensive end spot, with DeAngelo Tyson at nose tackle. Don’t expect that etched in stone.

“Depends on what day it is, I guess. But as of Saturday, maybe it was even Friday, I believe we were feeling like DeAngelo would start at nose.”

- Receiver Logan Gray “got through practice. You could tell it was still affecting him to a degree. But he got a lot of work in.”

- Receiver Rantavious Wooten, while also in a green jersey, went through drills. Richt thinks Wooten will play.

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