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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

New pregame video

As we sit here and wait to go out for a bit of football practice, I thought I'd tick off a few more of you by posting a video produced by the University of Georgia.

Alas, this is not based on a Miley Cyrus tune. Far from it.

It's the new pregame theme song for Bulldog home games, a hip-hop diddy that goes with highlights from last season.

You can find it on, or on Youtube.

They were playing the song - at full blast - inside Sanford Stadium on Tuesday before the scrimmage. Judging by the ringing in my ears, you may also heard it if you live in, say, western Wisconsin.

Judge for yourself whether you enjoy it.


Anonymous said...

sucks. need this:

<--- Dawg Stephen Himself said...

I do enjoy it. I like it, and the reason is that its only meant for fun. its not a gimmick, or a strategy to get an edge. Just for fun. the players have to have a little something light and fun. Its not the army, and they arent in boot camp. Its enjoyable, and will be fun on the big screen.

Anonymous said...

Awful. Simply awful. Give me Baba O'Riley any day over that crap.

JPL said...

Ugh. That's awful. I'm clearly not in the target demo (though I don't mind the occasional hip hop)... but that makes me want to strangle a cat.

Tell me they're not going to play this in the stadium.

No parking.
No good tailgating spots.
Every SEC game broadcast in HD.
Music to strangle your cat to.

Are they *trying* to get us to stay home???

Doug said...

Not only is it bad, but it contains clips from games we lost. Why in the world do we include "highlights" from games we lost?
I might make an exception for AJ's catch in last year's LSU game.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely atrocious. Hopefully someone will get some sense and put the nix on that.

Anonymous said...

Yeah....there's no way this thing is going to fly. Good thing they released it BEFORE the season....maybe the Athletic Dept will realize no one will react to it. No, not even the's not even a catchy rap song.

Hobnail_Boot said...

It's fun, current, and UGA-themed. Home run.

Anonymous said...

JPL. Please, by all means, stay home.

Anonymous said...

Drugs are fun and current as well. Just play Baba O'Riley as much as possible.

Anonymous said...

Im a little tired of the rap crap. I pay to watch a football game not a rap concert with some vulgar overtones.