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Thursday, August 12, 2010

SI preview

I hold in my hand a copy of the Sports Illustrated preview issue. The cover has, not surprisingly, Alabama, although those are regional covers.

Georgia is picked to go 8-4 overall, and 4-4 in the SEC, tied for second with South Carolina (sure) and Kentucky (whaaaa?).

Florida is picked to win the division but lose to Alabama in the title game. The only other mention of Georgia on the SEC preview page is A.J. Green (I've heard of him) under five players to watch.

Georgia is unranked, according to SI's top 25, but Georgia Tech is 14th.

Meanwhile, ESPN Magazine will be out with its college football preview edition on Friday. And I don't just mention this because I contributed to it.

Actually, yes, that is probably why I'm mentioning it.

So ... 8-4? Would you take it? Sound realistic?


the anonymous suckup said...

I wouldn't be happy with 8-4 this year. I would hope the easier schedule would yield that much inprovement alone. Combine that with (hopefully) fewer injuries and the departure of Willie, I'd rather see 9-3 at least.

Steve said...

No, 8-4 wouldn't be ok. This team and schedule are built for at least 9 wins in the regular season. If we're not playing for at least a 10th win in our bowl game, I'll be disappointed.

BenG said...

Anything less than nine regular season wins would be unacceptable. Just like last year.

jferg said...

the GT love-fest is ridiculous...lets compare:

OL- obvious advantage UGA
QB- even
RBs- edge to UGA
WRs- not even close, does GT have WRs?
TE- c'mon
Total Offense: UGA by a landslide

DL- even? both unproven
LB- UGA by a smidge
DB- even? both unproven
Total D: call it even for now

Special Teams: UGA is best in the country

Coaching Staff: Top to bottom, UGA

So, UGA is clearly the better team....where's the error in my logic?

TR said...

jferg: I'm not Tech fan or PJ fan, but I would not think that everyone would agree that PJ is a worse coach that Richt. I think they're wrong, but I won't deny that those thoughts are out there.

Also, GT plays in the ACC. They have more wins built in than we do. More wins in a BCS conference = higher rank.

jferg said...

I can concede the PJ vs CMR thought---I think they are both good at what they do. That's why I added the "top to bottom" because overall our assistants demolish GTs assistants.

I disagree that the ACC yeilds them more wins. I see 10-2 on our schedule. I see 9-3 on theirs. But, that's why they play the game, right?

JaxJay said...

Everyone tells me I'm crazy and that's fine, but I love UGA laying low and maybe being over looked, 10-2, win the SEC East...and we beat UF

Anonymous said...

SI has Tech ranked #14 and UGA unranked, yet they apparently predict the Dawgs to beat Tech?! That makes perfect sense.

I think 8-4 is pretty much the worse case scenario. My prediction is we'll once again lose to FL, but will win the east and get hammered by AL in the championship game.

AwesomeDawg said...

8-4 sounds right. As far as this "easier schedule" that everyone keeps mentioning, do we drop the GAYtors, Cocks and War Tigers this year. Um, nope. Yes we drop LSU and OSU, but we still have to face the Razorbacks. Without Cox playing OUT OF HIS FRIGGIN' MIND in that game we get taken to the wood shed! 8-4 sounds fair

DWH said...

Uh, call me crazy, but if UGA goes 8-4 this year, I might have to find a rather tall building that I can throw myself off of.