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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Smith, injury news

And now some quick personnel updates before I sit down to crank out the story on the scrimmage for tomorrow's paper.

CB Branden Smith, dealing with what coach Mark Richt has called "academic issues" might be out longer than this week.

“Either end of the week or beginning of next week,” Richt said.

No major injuries resulted from the scrimmage. Players that were held out of the scrimmage:

G Cordy Glenn wasn’t feeling well. He’s been having some cold symptoms.

WR Kris Durham “dinged” his shoulder in Monday’s practice and was also held out, according to Richt.

ILB Marcus Dowtin was also held out after a minor scooter accident, according to Richt.


JasonC said...

Scooters again?! Really?!
Somebody needs to build a freaking light rail monorail system in Athens that connects the dorms, the bars and Butts-Mehre. Either that of put the scooter store out business.

Anonymous said...

I know the scooter thing is a real hit for the athletes, but Richt should step up and be a man about it and BAN THEM OUTRIGHT for his players. Period.