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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Morning glory

OK, I feel like I need to defend myself on the music stuff. A few points:

I do appreciate what Sugarhill Gang, Run DMC, Grandmaster Flash, et al did for rap. But it’s what came next – the late 80s, Rob Base, Public Enemy, Wu-Tang Clan – that took it to the next, necessary level. And still the best level, in my opinion.

And yes, the list of top songs doesn’t have Kool Moe Dee, Big Daddy Kane and other quality artists. Hey, it was a strong era, some people have to be left out.

Such is also the case for the top 10 list of early 90s country songs. I’ve gotten a lot of complaints about no George Strait. Hey, I agree, you can’t have a conversation about that era and not talk about George Strait. But you CAN have a list of top 10 songs. My favorite of Strait’s was “The man in love with you,” but it still wouldn’t even rank in my top 25.

George Strait is sort of the Mark Richt of country music – a string of consistency that makes him one of the best, but not one great song that goes down in history as the best.

I also agree about Dwight Yoakam; I almost put “Thousand Miles to Nowhere” on there. And I’m aware Alan Jackson and Trisha Yearwood deserve some love, especially with their Georgia roots. I almost went with Alan – “Daddy won a radiooooo” is an engaging, alliterative opening line. But like Strait, and Yearwood, this is an individual song list – and my list, anyway.

Now, having run the spectrum from rap to country, I’m sure at some point we have to go down the middle and do some pop. I’ve got some good blog topics on that (like ‘ABBA, yea or nay?’), when we get around to it.

Meanwhile, I’m being told this blog is also supposed to include some football notes. Sigh. Fine:

Here’s my story in today’s papers on the position battles facing the Georgia football team. And here are my notes, led with Mike Bobo feeling differently from Richt on Aaron Murray's scrimmage performance.

Also, I’ll post later this morning some leftover football notes from yesterday.

EDIT: I forgot about De La Soul! Thanks to the commenter for pointing that out. Well that's what I get when I do a rushed list. "Me Myself and I" should be on the top 10. Definitely.

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Hobnail_Boot said...

FWIW, my previous comment was tongue-in-cheek.