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Monday, August 16, 2010

Richt dives into a media session

We just spoke to a dried-off Mark Richt, who spent a portion of his afternoon in wet clothing.

The Georgia football team took their annual trek over to the Ramsey Center for some diving practice. Because of the rain, there was a late change in plans to make Monday the day, and Richt hadn’t brought his swim trunks.

But it’s a tradition for the head coach to jump in, so he did so in his full street clothes. (But no shoes.)

“I will say this,” Richt said. “I’ve always thought the clothing from H. Stockton was great stuff. But after jumping in it and getting out, it’s quality stuff.”

No word on whether Richt has an endorsement deal with the H. Stockton apparel company.

The consensus among the players I spoke to was the best dive belonged to walk-on receiver Brandon Harton.

“Brandon tried to do like a backflip, so he landed kind of bad,” linebacker Cornelius Washington said. “Well not kinda bad. Bad.”

Still, the afternoon was deemed a success and a good time was had by all, etc.

“Nobody got hurt,” Richt said. “Well somebody might’ve got hurt, I don’t know. We had some bad landings.”

Non-swimming notes:

- Because of the afternoon at the swim center, the team will practice on Tuesday after all. No word on any scrimmages this week. None are on the schedule.

- Richt agreed that changing their turnover ratio has been an emphasis in camp.
“In some ways, it was amazing we won as many games as we did (with the turnover ratio).”

- Starting center Ben Jones had his knee scoped on Sunday. His prognosis – a return to practice the week of the opener - hasn’t changed.

- On the defensive line, Richt said Demarcus Dobbs is the only “shoo-in” to start. Otherwise, they plan to have “at least” a two-deep ready to play.
DeAngelo Tyson has been splitting snaps at tackle and end.

“I’m not sure who’s gonna start where,” Richt said. “But everybody who proves they’re ready to play will play.”

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