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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

More on Jakar, from afar

Here's my story from this morning on Jakar Hamilton. Please check it out if you get a chance. I'm not one to toot my own horn - mainly because there's never that much to toot - but Hamilton's a good story. (Without my help. And his high school coach has some great quotes.)

I actually covered a few of Hamillton's games in high school, and he stood out as a talent back then - on offense. His high school team, one of the best on its level in South Carolina, didn't like to play guys both ways, so Hamilton only switched to defense in junior college, but even then his coach felt safety was his ultimate destination.

“He’s got great skills,” fellow Georgia safety Baccari Rambo said, in one of the quotes that did not make my story. “He can run, he can tackle, he can catch. He’s a great football player.”

Meantime, Georgia is holding a scrimmage this afternoon. We'll have updates as warranted afterwards, as well as perhaps more word on Branden Smith's status. (The scrimmage is closed to the media.)

I would've weighed in here earlier, but I had to drive to and from Macon to take care of a bit more business. And by the way, would it kill T-Mobile, or anybody, to get some cell phone service between Athens and Macon? Is this just a T-Mobile problem, or does everyone have that issue in that corridor?

Of course it does go to show what a slave to technology we've all become. Without phone service, and with even spotty satellite radio, it was a real boring two hours.

Seriously, what did we ever do in the days of just ... gasp ... terrestrial radio, and maybe some tapes? Did people actually TALK to each other on long rides. (Shudder.)


Anonymous said...

get verizon! Depending on which route you take there is only one breif spot where you won't have service.

Anonymous said...

I'll second the vote for Verizon. They seem to have superior service on the back roads - in my experience, at least.

Anonymous said...

T-Mobile. You get what you pay for! Another vote for Verizon.

BenG said...

I drive in that area quite often, and Verizon can't be beat for service out there. I ditched Cingular long ago because of spotty service. I'm not surprised at all that T-Mobile doesn't work.

stewbaby1986 said...

I have T-mobile and would switch in a second but it is on a business account and is free so I can't really complain.

Seth Emerson said...

Thanks for the pointers. Luckily, I live in Athens and my cell reception there is fine, so hopefully these little trips to Macon will be few and far between. (No offense to Macon.)

81Dog said...

Sprint works every place Verizon does, and it's a lot better value, price-wise. They both work pretty well out in the boondocks. Even if you spend 99% of your time in Athens, if you have to do any trans-boondocks traveling, you want a cell phone you can count on in a jam.

Welcome to Athens!