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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Green still mum on inquiry

A.J. Green still can't talk about the NCAA inquiry. And the opener is days away.

Green has steadfastly declined comment on the NCAA inquiry, which became known last month. Head coach Mark Richt declined to say anything at his press conference earlier on Tuesday.

When the subject was brought up Tuesday night, and Green was once again asked if he was authorized to say anything, he smiled and said "no."

But it's four days till the opener, a reporter pointed out.

"Yeah, still can't say anything," Green said.

Green was then if there was any doubt he would play Saturday.

"No. No, I don't know," Green said. "Still can't say anything."

There still appears to be no worry from anybody at Georgia - Richt, Green or anyone - that anyone will be held out of the opener because of the inquiry. The best evidence for that is Green has been made available to the media repeatedly. (Other schools, such as North Carolina, South Carolina and Alabama, have kept a lid on their players linked to the agent scandal.)

But it's still strange that no firm word has been given out on Green. If there was any worry about his eligibility, Georgia wouldn't play him in a game. At this point, Green seems all but certain to be out there against Louisiana-Lafayette - but we still await official word.

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