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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Yup, it's McGarity

Greg McGarity is indeed coming home. On Friday.

Georgia's pick to replace the disgraced Damon Evans is McGarity, the associate athletics director at Florida, who also happens to be an Athens native and a 1976 graduate of Georgia.

The news was confirmed by a source in Florida. McGarity told the source he was headed to Athens on Friday, presumably for a news conference to introduce him. (Although Georgia has not announced one as of late Thursday night.)

I'll have more on McGarity in a story I just filed for Friday's papers. It will include a quote from a retired athletics director, who has dealt with McGarity and called him a great hire. And I also spoke with a longtime Bulldog Club director who has known McGarity since the 1970s and was pleased as punch to hear he was the choice.

1 comment:

stewbaby1986 said...

Maybe he can bring some of that FL greatness to Athens. Lord knows we need a little bit of what they have going on in that Athletic Department.