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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Loran Smith to the booth

Georgia ISP announced, in a sort of by-the-way fashion, that longtime sideline announcer Loran Smith is being replaced this season by Chuck Dowdle.

Smith will remain with the gameday crew, hosting the three-hour pregame show with Neil Williamson.

But Dowdle will now handle sideline duties and the halftime radio interview with Bulldogs head coach Mark Richt.

Dowdle recently retired after a quarter-century as sports director and anchor at WSB TV in Atlanta. He has already been hosting the Locker Room Show with Richt, and will continue in that role.


Anonymous said...

Seriously? Dowdle? Good lord help us all. Can't stand him on Chuck and Chernoff and now he gets this gig. Damnit. The guy just needs to retire. He sucks.

Steve said...

Anything is better than Loran. Dead air is better than Loran.

Anonymous said...

Dowdle brings nothing to any program he's been on. He's a bore. Give Dantzler more air time.

papadawg said...

Ha! I think our Anonymous poster's name is Jeff Dantzler.
Nice try, J.D.

Dowdle will be an excellent addition.

Buster said...

Dantzler would have been okay! Dowdle is fine! Loran Smith should have been retired the same time Herschel left! Too bad Loran is being kept around at all!

JasonC said...


Two words: