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Friday, October 10, 2008

Friday Links (10/10)

Friday reading...

-- The AJC's Chip Towers takes an interesting look at Georgia's propensity toward allowing big halves by its opponents -- something that seems to happen once or twice a year the past few years.

-- The Augusta Chronicle says this is a turning point in Georgia's season -- as the Tennessee game often is.

-- As Georgia prepares for a game without any set plan at tight end, Rivals' Chad Simmons catches up with the Dawgs' top TE recruit (subscription required).

-- I have a story in today's Telegraph & Ledger-Enquirer on the guy who's likely to see the majority of snaps at tight end Saturday.

-- The Chattanooga Times Free Press says Georgia is concerned about Tennessee's star safety, Eric Berry.

-- Two of the Vols' Atlanta-area linemen are excited to return to Georgia, even if they don't expect a warm welcome.

-- The Tennessean says coaches are impressed with new Vols' QB Nick Stephens. Something tells me Northern Illinois is a bit easier to look impressive against than the Dawgs will be Saturday.

-- Get the Picture isn't feeling good about Saturday's game. Can't say I disagree. There really just hasn't been that typical excitement leading up to what is usually one of the season's big games.

-- The Red & Black's Josh White writes a great column about the university's policy of forcing students to move their cars from their bought-and-paid-for parking spots before game day.

-- The wise and talented and bad at fantasy football Mr. Daniel Shirley has a story on former Stratford and current UGA golfer Russell Henley.

-- The Sporting News came out with its top 400 sports cities in North America. Athens comes in at No. 51, which ain't too bad. My home town of Wilmington, Del. comes in at a pathetic 361. Even Albany, Ga. did better.

-- Chick-fil-A has decided to stop using trans fats in its food. That's good. Of course, the only time I ever really want Chick-fil-A is on Sundays when it's closed.

-- I hate Brett Favre.


Selena said...

How/WHY did Albany make that list?? What have they got? The arena football team? Is that even there anymore? Oh and Post 30 baseball. Yeah, that's about it. Pathetic.

Porkchop's jerky said...

Albany also has Charlie B's, where anybody will tell you coming out of there without The Clamids is most definitely a professional sport. Oh, and Dave, you are really going to hate Brett Favre when you see this: