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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Thursday Links (10/23)

One of the interesting quirks about Philadelphia, for those of you who have never spent much time in the city, is that residents are allowed to park in the median along all the major roads. OK, I'm not sure that "allowed" is the correct terminology, but at some point in time, enough people started doing it that it somehow became OK.

As you are probably aware, another interesting quirk of the city is that its sports fans are all clinically insane. There's a good reason Veterans Stadium was forced to build a jail for unruly Eagles fans inside the stadium.

So I was thinking about these two things as the Phillies beat Tampa Bay last night (how good is Brad Lidge by the way? Has any closer ever come back from a careeer-defining home run like the one he gave up to Pujols better than Lidge? It just never happens.) and it dawned on me that, if Philly wins the Series, flipping over cars in the median of a street is going to cause a lot more traffic problems than if they were parked on the curb and flipped onto the sidewalk. But you know, these are the things that never cross your mind when a city hasn't celebrated a title of any kind in 25 years.

Anyway, I watched the game last night and was excited enough about the Phillies win that, instead of going to sleep soon after, I sat up considering the ramifications of cars being flipped over in the median of Broad Street, and then I was exhausted this morning, which in turn means these links are being posted much later than normal.

So, better late than never...

-- I decided after the Vandy game I wanted to do a story on Caleb King, who has really secured the No. 2 running back spot and found himself on the field often in key situations. My past experienceds with King made me assume the story wouldn't be easy to do. King just doesn't talk much.

So I talked to Tony Ball about King's success, and he said it had a lot to do with King opening up and becoming more outgoing. Then I talked to King, and the difference was night and day. It's funny because I had thought of King as just someone who didn't like to talk to the media, but I -- like many people -- forget that a lot of these guys are just kids, and they're often as overwhelmed by their surroundings as a fan would be. It was nice to see King getting more comfortable with being the next big running back star for the Bulldogs.

-- The AJC's Michael Carvell says Georgia recruit Aaron Murray will have surgery Friday after breaking his leg last week.

-- LSU's linebackers are hoping to make a big statement against their homestate team, according to Tiger Beat Magazine... er, Tiger Weekly.

-- Tim Tucker goes inside the numbers and gives a good explanation for why a.) the SEC is the best conference in football and b.) voters give the conference no love. College football is, after all, a beauty contest.

-- And speaking of beauty contests (how's that for a segue!), it seems Miss Teen Louisiana was busted after her and her friends pulled a dine-and-dash at a local restaurant. How'd she get caught? She left her purse in the booth after the group ran without paying its bill. Oh, and inside her purse was a bag of weed. I know, I know. That's pretty dumb. But it also gives us a chance to pay homage to the queen of ditzy beauty queens, the lovely Miss South Carolina. I personally believe that we as Americans are unable to find good beauty contestents because some people out there in our nation don't have maps and such as in the Louisiana and the South Carolina such as.

-- ESPN's Chris Low says LSU's line will carry the Tigers to a win Saturday.

-- I was warned by my good friend Paul Dehner about a certain eccentricity of the LSU fans, and figured I should pass it along to anyone else who might be attending the game.

-- While we're on the subject of Mr. Dehner, he has an interesting note in a recent blog post. Many of us (fans and media alike) have been talking about the lack of inclusion of the tight end in the offense. With Aron White likely out, I'm guessing that won't change this week. But guess which member of the Bulldogs had no idea that the tight ends hadn't been thrown to in two games. I'll give you a clue -- he's the guy who isn't throwing to them.

-- Georgia Sports Blog takes a closer look at Georgia's newest commit, Rontavious Wooten.

-- Consider me a stats person. I love when you can back up an argument with numbers more than just anecdotal evidence. So I was happy to read Get the Picture today, which takes a look at some interesting stats here.

-- This is a crisis people! It's a national epidemic! What is going on during college football pregames? First, I showed you the Cincinnati mascot nearly plummetting to his death before a Bearcats game, and then there's this from a smoke-filled Iowa State player entrance. Make sure you keep your eye out for the player who runs into the goal post.

-- While Cincinnati is willing to send its mascots to certain death (man, I'm doing a great job with the seques today), Georgia's Hairy Dawg gets special treatment for his role in rallying the crowd. The Dalton Daily Citizen's Jamie Jones peeks inside the giant furry head with a great story on the guy inside the costume.

-- Never mind text messaging while you're driving, it's biscuits that are making our highways so unsafe.

-- The lone solace I'll have when football season is over is that the new season of "Lost" will be just kicking off. For those of you who are big fans like I am, check out the first Season 5 trailer, which was just released.

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