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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Tuesday Links (10/21)

Two more weeks until we don't have to watch any more awful election coverage. I do worry, however, what's going to happen to our already fragile economy when thousands of Republican and Democratic "strategists" are forced from their cushy 37-person split screen interview gigs for CNN and are back on the street looking for real work.Anyway, some links...

-- Rivals Anthony Dascher says Blair Walsh isn't letting his two misses against Vandy get to him.

-- Chip Towers has more on the Brandon Wood saga.

-- The Ledger-Enquirer has five questions with Vince Dooley.

-- DawgSports T. Kyle King would like to see a few more passes go to the tight ends soon. Me, too.

-- According to the Times-Picayune (my favorite newspaper name, by the way), LSU still has some hard feelings about the 2005 SEC championship game.

-- SEC media are predicting a repeat performance for the UGA men's basketball team this year. Um, the regular-season part, not the tournament part.

-- It had been a while since there had been a story about a Vick brother in legal trouble.

-- CFBstats has an interesting note on South Carolina's offense after studying three-and-outs.

-- There won't be any punishment for Crazy Old Lou Holtz for his Hitler reference on Saturday, which Deadspin finds a bit odd. I'm hoping someone at least stole an "Anchorman" line and told the coach to sit the next few plays out.

-- Georgia fans gave Aaron Murray plenty of love after his season-ending injury, according to the AJC.

-- In case you missed it, Tennessee's Eric Berry set the record for interception return yardage over the weekend -- and he's just a sophomore.

-- Forbes offers 10 ways to get more from your workouts. The interesting part of this story is that University of Georgia researchers suggest taking a leisurely stroll to get back in shape. Now that's the type of workout I can get behind.

-- And this, my friends, makes me both as proud and as utterly embarrassed to be from Philly as I've ever been.


Josh said...

I heard that Wooten, a WR recruit had committed to LSU. However, after visiting UGA this past weekend, he withdrew it and commited to UGA. Have you hear about this and what are your thoughts?

David Hale said...

Yes, he had been looking at LSU and I believe Florida, but after visiting UGA has said he's headed to Athens next season. I have heard rumors though that this decision could still change between now and signing day, so I'm reluctant to say it's a done deal. Wooten has tons of potential though, and with the loss of Walter Hill and three seniors next season, it would be a major addition for the Bulldogs.