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Friday, October 31, 2008

Friday Links (10/31)

Happy Halloween, folks. I'm about to head out in search of my Rennie Curran costume, but I'll probably give up easily and go out as an underpaid sports writer again.

While you're putting your costumes together, here's a few tricks and treats for your reading pleasure...

-- I have two stories in today's Telegraph and Ledger-Enquirer. The first is on defensive tackle Corvey Irvin, who has changed his outlook since taking over for injured starter Jeff Owens. The second is on freshman Baccari Rambo, who found his niche this week as Tim Tebow.

-- The Gainesville Sun has a story on the party in Jacksonville and what UF officials are doing to protect students.

-- The AJC's Jeff Schultz comes to the same conclusion I did in my 10 Questions blog yesterday: A Georgia win could make Urban Meyer's head explode.

-- Thomas Stinson says Georgia's offense will be Florida's biggest test to date.

-- Chip Towers has a new feature in his blog in which he chats with a reporter who covers Georgia's opponent for the week.

-- The Albany Herald's Paul Dehner offers some Knowshon Moreno YouTube clips, including highlights from last year's Florida game.

-- Swamp Things compares Tim Tebow and Matthew Stafford. It's hard for Stafford to win this competition since he has never circumcised a baby or traveled back in time to prevent the Kennedy assasination. Oh, wait, Tebow hasn't done that either... yet.

-- I got a lot of great feedback from folks about the story I did on former Georgia defensive end Michael Lemon last month, but his younger brother still plays high school ball in Macon. Our Jonathan Heeter has a nice piece on Marquez Lemon in today's paper.

-- I'm sure you're all sick of me yabbering on about the Phillies at this point, but I wanted to tip you off to this really nice column by ESPN's Gene Wojciechowski on Charlie Manuel. It'll definitely make you want to call your mom when you're done reading it.

By the way, a bunch of my friends are at the Phillies victory parade today. I'm so jealous.

-- In sad news, the lady at the diner in "When Harry Met Sally" (you know, "I'll have what she's having") has died. She was also Rob Reiner's mother.

-- Regardless of your political leanings, I think we can all agree this is terrible. I can only imagine this interview will go a little something like this:

Berman: Welcome to the fastest three minutes in sports, I'm Chris Berman and I lost 30 pounds on Nutri System. Our special guests tonight, the two candidates for president, John McCain in the Membrane and I Wanna Barrack All Night Obama. Hello boys.

Obama: What?

McCain: Huh?

Berman (while waving his hands around and speaking in a. one. word. per. sentence. manner.): So you two have been rumblin, bumblin, stumbin around the country for two years now, which reminds me a lot of when I went golfing at Torrey Pines last month and it seemed to take forever to get to 18. I think we have some video. Roll that clip!

McCain: Who are you?

Obama: Man, I thought that interview with Hannity went poorly.

Berman: So Sen. McCain, your tax plan blah blah blah blah haven't had that spirit here since 1969.

McCain: Was that lyrics from Hotel California? My tax plan is nothing like that.

Berman: And Sen. Obama, from what I understand, you want to give money back, back, back, back, back to the middle class.

Obama: Why do I feel like me talking to you will be considered a bad association from my past when I run again in four years?

Berman: I'm hot blooded, check it and see, I got a fever of 103.

McCain: What the hell are you talking about?

Berman: Have you met Tom Jackson?

Obama: Is that the guy giggling uncontrollably in the corner?

Berman: Now, Sen. Obama, what's all this I've been hearing about Bill Ayers Supply and Reverend Jeremiah If It's Wrong I don't Wanna Be Wright?

Obama: They really couldn't get Bob Ley to do this interview?

Berman: Wanna see more highlights of me golfing or stading in front of a statue of myself in Buffalo or playing catch with Steve Young when he was a Tampa Bay Buc in 1986?

McCain: Someone is getting fired for telling me to do this interview.

Obama: I've lost all hope.

Can we please circulate a petition to prevent this interview from happening? Maybe get Berman canned. I mean, getting Berman off ESPN -- now, THAT is change we can believe in.

Seriously though, don't forget today is the last day of early voting. If you go, might wanna bring a coat, some hot chocolate and a good book. You could be there a while.

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