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Monday, October 13, 2008

Nickson, Lyons Out

It's not often a 5-1 team leading the SEC East voluntarily makes a QB change, but that's what Vanderbilt is doing. Chris Nickson will be benched and Mackenzi Adams will start against Georgia on Saturday. Vandy is 107th in the nation in total offense, so the move makes some sense. Adams played extensivley last year.

In tragic news, Kentucky WR Dicky Lyons is done for the season after tearing two ligaments in his right knee. This derails my hopes of an in-depth one-on-one interview with him before the Georgia-Kentucky game in which we discuss, at length, dozens of random things that have nothing to do with football.

1 comment:

RedCrake said...

I don't see why a torn up knee should preclude you from asking Dicky the driving questions we Georgia fans demand to have answered. You know:

What SEC quarterbacks have been assaulting you in your dreams lately?

What are your favorite bars to slap girls around in?

Sour Cream. Condiment or topping? Discuss.