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Monday, October 6, 2008

Monday Links (10/6)

I could be angry that I sent my cell phone in to be repaired a month ago, and today they sent me a letter saying it would not be covered by the warranty.

I could be angry that I stopped to fill up my car today, and while pumping the gas, looked across the street to see another station selling gas for 22 cents less per gallon.

I could be angry that the Chicago Cubs, the team I have passionately rooted for since I was 5 years old, was swept in the first round for the second straight year by a clearly inferior team.

I could be angry that the Philadelphia Eagles, my hometown football team, yet again let an easy win slip away from them amid a flurry of dropped passes, brutal play calling and abject failures when trying to stop the opposition on third down.

But it's a nice day, I'm writing this blog outside, and all I am responsible for doing the remainder of the day is watching football practice and writing a story about it... so no complaints from me. Hopefully your weekends went well, and you're feeling equally chipper as we get set for Tennessee this week.

Here are some links to kill a few minuts of your afternoon...

-- One of Georgia's first mascots is getting his own monument in Dodge County.

-- The Red & Black details Georgia's fashion history.

-- Adam Van Brimmer of the Savannah Morning News writes that Matthew Stafford holds the key to Georgia's success. I think Stafford has looked good -- but not great -- so far this season. With the Bulldogs' weaknesses in the trenches, Stafford probably needs to be great.

-- Dawgbone's Darrell Huckaby notes that Georgia Tech isn't getting much love from pollsters. I have to say -- I don't think Tech's winning a title this year, but the Yellow Jackets have been one of the top 25 teams in the country so far, in my opinion.

-- The AJC had a story over the weekend about Florida recruits getting the royal treatment at UGA.

-- The AJC's Steve Hummer also has a good piece about Knowshon Moreno's hometown fans.

-- Roger Clarkson of the Athens Banner-Herald has a good piece on a Georgia defensive recruit.

-- Interesting look at Tennessee's problems from VolsXtra's John Adams.

-- ESPN's Chris Low has Georgia third in his weekly SEC poll behind Alabama and LSU. What's more interesting is how the standings shake out after the top four. What a strange season this is turning out to be.

-- After UGA uncovered a means of detecting narcissism among Facebook users, Cracked gives us a better understanding of other character traits you'll find in the typical Internet friend.

-- Don't ask me why, but this was the single funniest thing I saw all weekend. Say hello to your mother for me, OK?

Oh, and one last thing -- don't forget today is the last day to register to vote in Georgia. If you haven't yet, make time to do it. Regardless of your politics, a democracy only functions when people participate in it.

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