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Friday, October 17, 2008

Just one Link

A bit busy today, and I figured given all Georgia's injury issues this season, no one needed me to link to stories about the Dawgs' top recruit breaking his leg, too, so no links today.

I did want to pass along a story from Paul Dehner of the Albany Herald about the close friendship between Shaun Chapas and Brannan Southerland.

I think having both these guys on the field made a big difference in last week's game, and Southerland will only continue to improve as the season goes along. For all the complaints about Georgia not looking like a complete team early in the year, I think Southerland's absence may have been the most overlooked point. The guy is a.) a great blocker, b.) a great goal-line runner, c.) has good hands (notice he played some tight end last week?) and d.) -- and this is the most important part -- he is one of only TWO senior starters on offense. So for the first five games of the season, Mo Massaquoi was Georgia's only senior on offense most of the time. That should perfectly underscore just how much it means to get Southerland back.

Oh, and from Dehner's blog, this quote from Chapas is great:

"He's still got the hair, I am losing my hair now. It's funny, it's because of him. They encourage you to shave it when you are first getting in, but it never grew back."

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