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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Tuesday Links (10/28)

Talk about a let-down. I can't say I'm too thrilled with how last night's World Series game turned out. I get that you had to play the game, and I definitely understand that you can't call a clinching game in the sixth inning, but you also have to ask how much of the Rays' rally happened because of the conditions and why weren't the Phillies given their last at-bat in those conditions, too. At least make it as fair as possible. Instead, Old Uncle Bud spent the last three innings begging for a Tampa run so he could justifiably suspend the game. Now the Phils lose their best starter and Tampa gets a fresh start today. I just don't buy it, and as a lifelong Cubs fan, it just reminds me a little too much of a certain NLCS series in which they had a lead going into the seventh of a clinching game. I don't want to talk about what happened next.

Anyway, some quick links for today, and then I'm heading over to the Georgia media session.

-- I have a story on what can be done with Darryl Gamble once Dannell Ellerbe is ready to return.

-- Knowshon Moreno is a popular guy among both coaches this week, says the AJC.

-- Tony Barnhart says this is the biggest Georgia-Florida game in 20 years.

-- Total UGA takes a look back at the hottest LSU fans, while Georgia Sports Blog shows us the other side of the spectrum.

-- Meanwhile, the AJC looks back at past trips to Jacksonville with equally humorous results.

-- Chattanooga's David Paschal says Florida has weapons this year they didn't have in Georgia's win last season.

-- And the Tampa Tribune looks at how to stop Georgia's best (but hardly its only) weapon.


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