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Saturday, November 1, 2008

Game Day Live Blog: UGA-Florida

PREGAME: Greetings from Jacksonville.

A few quick points of discussion while we're still 90 minutes from kickoff...

-- Kudos to the Telegraph's Jay Adams, whose expert navigation skills helped us completely avoid traffic on the way into the stadium.

-- For those who care, players are wearing silver britches for warm-ups.

-- The Landing last night was insane. Halloween is such a great holiday.

-- Conversation overheard on our way into the stadium today:

GEORGIA FAN: Gators suck. Why don't you Florida fans just go home?

FLORIDA FAN: Um, we're in Florida.


-- The fact that Georgia is a seven-and-a-half-point dog in this game is absurd. I don't get all the love for Florida. They lost to a clearly inferior team, they've played no one, and they lost badly last year to Georgia. So why all the love?

OK, I'm heading down to the field for a bit. Be back soon.

-- Forgot I to mention this earlier, but I chatted with Dicky Lyons on Thursday for a preview for next week's game. He was happy to learn he had a cult following in Georgia. I couldn't quite pin him down on a prediction for this week, but his preference in QBs is clear:

"I'll be rooting for Matt Stafford," Lyons said. "That's my guy. Tebow and John Parker Wilson were invited to that Manning Passing Camp and they didn't come, so I gotta go with the guys who came. I predict Georgia's going to give them a fight."

-- A few things I can verify pregame:

1.) Penn Wagers is indeed the referee today. I advised Mo Massaquoi to be sure to introduce himself before kickoff.

2.) Tripp Chandler is in full uniform and is able to catch lobbed passes slightly above shoulder level. Beyond that, who knows? Of course, he wasn't great at catching anything thrown harder than that even before the injury.

3.) Urban Meyer - Fred Munzenmaier. Urban Meyer - Fred Munzenmaier. Urban Munzenmeyer.

4.) Erin Andrews is on the sideline. I decided it was best to leave before she had to find a security guard to enforce the restraining order. She looks lovely today though.

-- Just a quick update before we get set for kickoff: The interwebs are running extremely slow here (since everything about this stadium stinks) so updates may be a bit less frequent. Keep your fingers crossed.


Anonymous said...

Erin Andrews is laughing at Stafford's injury on air. Seriously.

Anonymous said...

DAvid - where are you man?!?!!? I need my fix! Tell us whats going on!

Anonymous said...

Seriously, we needs an update

Anonymous said...

We don't need an update.

He already told us: "1.) Penn Wagers is indeed the referee today."

Game. Over.

Anonymous said...

I think Georgia flat out quit in this game!!!