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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Tuesday Links (3/3)

Before we get to the links, there are a few notes and items to discuss...

-- For those of you who can tune in, Knowshon Moreno will be a guest on Tirico and Van Pelt on ESPN Radio this afternoon at some point between 1 and 3 p.m.

-- This was posted over at Mark Richt's Web site, but figured I'd pass it along, too: The first annual Mark Richt golf tournament will be held at Harbor Club at Lake Ocoee on April 21. The full details are available at

-- I just wanted to point out that the Eagles didn't feel the need to resign Brian Dawkins or Correll Buckhalter and traded Lito Sheperd (for less than they could have gotten for him a year ago) and couldn't cough up enough cash to land T.J. Houshmandzadeh, despite the fact that they've needed a wide receiver desperately for pretty much the entirety of Donovan McNabb's career. But hey, they'll be $50 million under the salary cap next year, so we'll be primed to make a run at LeBron in 2010.

-- I'm going to post the Bulldogs Blog mailbag at the end of this week, so last call for questions or comments... you can either post them in the comments section here or send me an email at

-- I also had a follow-up from a post last week. Remember my story about the intern I used to work with in San Diego? I told the story in a links post, which you can read HERE.

In any case, the poster of the blog which spurred my retelling of the story decided to post a comment on my blog. Here's what he had to say (Note: I only edited words which I felt were not professional enough for the family Web site we hope Bulldogs Blog has become)...

Haha, come on guy. You guys didn't get along, Richard tried to be funny about it on his way out the door, you guys were taking yourselves too seriously and not having any of it. Fine.

It's just a stupid, funny story looking back. We were all dumber five years ago than we are now. If your point of writing this long, defensive diatribe telling "your side of the story," and have guys write "hilarious" different variations of the word "d**che" was to prove that you are STILL a guy who is defensive and takes himself too seriously, then kudos, well done.

Oh, and having a "blog" where you are STILL writing sh*t filled with typos is just the icing on the ironic cake. They are literally all over. This was honestly the SECOND SENTENCE the day I tried to find your posting:

"Of note, that Michael Moore who chimes in at the beginning when Cox is asked what his biggest weakness is."

The lack of VERB is just a typo, but the rest of the sentence is the work of a man who doesn't have a firm grasp of the language. I'm sorry, guy, but you just don't. I think Georgia is the only state in the Union where you could call yourself a "writer" without someone thinking you were telling a joke.

But then again, they wouldn't know about that hilarious bug-a-boo game you played once.

OK, so to clarify here:

1.) Apparently I was being defensive in my post. Good thing this guy is above such things.

2.) If you can explain to me why his posting the story on his blog without knowing me at all is somehow OK, but when I retell the story as an actual participant in the event, I'm somehow childish, I'd like to hear it.

3.) The little dig at the state of Georgia was just unnecessary. Remember how arrogant I said UVA grads were? Besides, if he really thinks Georgia is the ONLY state that would consider me a "writer," then he clearly has never been to Arkansas.

4.) I "hate" when people "use" unnecessary "quotation" marks. I am, however, a "huge" fan of this "blog."

5.) I apologize to all of you who are forced to read my typos on a daily basis. I'll tell you right now -- I don't edit these postings. As much as I love doing it, the blog is a side project, and so it doesn't get the editorial oversight that my stories for the paper get. One day when newspapers cease to exist (which I assume will be in about three months) I promise I'll put more effort into checking for typos here.

Now, just to show I have no hard feelings about any of the rather unprofessional comments of this Lane Kiffin of the blogging community, I'm not only going to promise never to mention him again in my blog, but I'll even encourage all of you to visit his blog regularly. Just to be polite though, you should probably point out in the comments section every time you notice a typo.

Now, on to today's links...

-- Dancing in the Endzone has some great photos of Sanford Stadium after Sunday's snowfall. I have to say though... we may not know how to play real college football up north, but we're a lot better at dealing with the snow.

-- I chatted with Hugh Durham last week as part of our coverage of the Georgia Sports Hall of Fame inductions, and managed get his thoughts on the current coaching vacancy at UGA.

-- The Athens Banner-Herald reports that UGA linebackers coach John Jancek turned down an offer to become the defensive coordinator at South Florida. Funny how these coaches that so many fans seem to think warrant a pink slip are so highly coveted by other schools.

-- Rivals' Anthony Dasher says Aron White has high hopes and a big opportunity in 2009. (Subscription required.)

-- Rennie Curran is among seven SEC players to land on the Lombardi Trophy watch list.

-- A fine start to the start of Ryan Mallet's career at Arkansas. Just to recap, the number of UGA players arrested so far this offseason remains at zero.

-- It had been a few days, but the Lanester and his crew are back on the Crazy Talk Express, and as usual, Senator Blutarski has the story covered . When they release next year's "Best American Sports Writing," I hope they add a category for bloggers who write about bipolar head coaches, because the good senator has an award coming to him for his work during the Kiffin saga.

-- Apparently Donald Trump doesn't hold Herschel Walker in nearly as high esteem as Georgia fans do.

-- Meant to link to this over the weekend, but it slipped my mind... And while picking on Mississippi State sort of seems like piling on, it's hard not to laugh at THIS.

-- And finally, thanks to the Cincinnati Bearcats for putting up such a good fight on Sunday. Always nice to kick back, relax, and enjoy watching your ticket to the NCAA tourney get punched with a nice bite of popcorn.


Charley said...

David, I always find your blog enjoyable. It sounds like Richard and Conor both obtained BAs in Douchiness (or Dooshiness, or Dyushiness) at UVA. Keep up the great work.

Anonymous said...

I hope you didn't jinx us re: the arresting comment.

Anonymous said...

Please - you do an absolutely awesome job! Don't give up! I check your work daily before going to the AJC or anywhere else.

Anonymous said...

I certainly hope you knocked on wood as you typed that bit about no arrests so far.

Bernie said...

Shotgun's loaded and I got a cooler full of PBR. Lemme know when the posse's formed and we'll give that sumbitch some well placed commas....

Keep up the good work DH.

Anonymous said...

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