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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Wednesday Links (3/4)

I had gotten into the habit of wishing someone a happy birthday with each new links post last week, then it completely slipped my mind to point out that yesterday was the 47th birthday of none other than Mr. Herschel Walker. So, a happy belated birthday to Herschel and, while today is rather slim pickings, a happy 121st birthday today to Knute Rockne.

As for the current crop of footballers, we're meeting with players this afternoon, and head coach Mark Richt will be available via teleconference as well. I'm sure the majority of the questtions for CMR will revolve around John Jancek, but we'll see how much other info we can squeeze out of him, too.

Now, onto the links...

-- The AJC's Chip Towers makes a point that I couldn't agree more with in his latest blog. While the fans seem to criticize the assistant coaches repeatedly, Mark Richt seems more than happy to make public commitments to them just as often -- and Richt probably knows a good bit more than any of the fans or media do.

-- Bernie's Dawg Blog has some video of Georgia's new defensive co-coordinator from Signing Day.

-- TotalUGA has the latest on Georgia's pursuit of tight end Orson Charles in the first of a two-part interview. (Subscription required.)

-- Knowshon Moreno chatted with readers at yesterday.

-- thinks Corvey Irvin could be a steal in the late rounds for some team. (Subscription required.)

-- Some updates on the search for the next basketball coach: Chattanooga's Darren Epps tries to find out just how coveted the Georgia job really is, while FOX Sports reports that Damon Evans and company are prepared to offer $2 million per year to the right candidate, i.e. Jeff Capel. Georgia Sports Blog wraps up all the key points.

-- Oh, and don't forget that the Bulldogs have a few games left to play, including tonight's matchup against Kentucky.

-- The Chicago Tribune's Mark Gonzoles writes that Gordon Beckham is likely destined for the minors but he's still turning plenty of heads (h/t Ron H.). Meanwhile, the Tribune's Phil Rogers calls Beckham "the real deal," which I'm guessing hasn't been trademarked by Jeff Owens.

-- Speaking of Owens, he isn't the only rehabbing college football star to start his own blog. Of course, Maurice Clarett isn't so much rehabbing as he is being rehabilitated, but either way, he's sharing his thoughts on his own blog now.

-- Alabama will have its spring game broadcast by ESPN, too, while South Carolina canceled Day 1 of spring practice.

-- By traveling to Birmingham and winning the Bowl last year, Rutgers managed to lose nearly $200k. But hey, you can't put a price tag on viewing some of the country's most beautiful tourist attractions.

-- Get the Picture posted a link to this... An Iowa freshman was shocked to learn he was drunk when police pulled him over. I hate when bartenders pull a fast one on me like this.

-- A former "24" star has a guest gig on tonight's episode of "Lost," and previews the episode in this Q&A.

-- And finally, it has been 20 years, but we're finally getting the apology we've been owed for so long by one of music's greatest villains. Word to your mother.


The Realist said...

"...and Richt probably knows a good bit more than any of the fans or media do."

This is a meme that gets brought up any time the tone turns critical. (Disclaimer: This is not directed at Coach Richt, just this idea in general.) Well, Person A knows better than you, low plebian, because of his position or his overwhelmingly superior knowledge assumed because of his position or something of the like. It is never assumed that Person A might be too close to the situation to accurately assess it. It is always assumed that Person A is capable of making a decision based solely on concrete, rational factors, completely omitting any personal interest or feeling of due loyalty to related parties.

It's not that I don't agree that Richt probably knows a lot more about football than me. But, I also want to think that Congress knows a little more about financial and economic systems than me. They haven't proven capable, yet. I also want to think that the President is smarter than me. George W sufficiently proved that one wrong with every confident squint.

So, while it is not only possible, but, in fact, likely that Richt knows what he is doing, why do we have to automatically discount any dissenting opinion as invalid because it isn't sufficiently "close" to the situation?

David Hale said...

Realist -- I don't disagree with your point at all, and I'm not saying fans don't have very pointed and educated thoughts on a regular basis. But my point is that there is a lot that fans don't know -- not because they aren't smart enough, but because they are not in the locker room, and as much as people like me try to keep you informed, it's impossible for fans to truly understand what exactly happens behind closed doors.

The Realist said...

I agree with what you are saying. You do an excellent job, and I, by no means, pretend to know half of what those close to the program know, much less in the program.

I just think that line of thinking is an easy way to negate criticism without valuing it on its merits. (I'm not accusing you of being a propagandist or anything, because this is anything but personal. It's just a general frustration with the concept that I'm airing out here because, well, I can.) I just have a problem with the idea that any person's judgment is infallible, and that no outsider could possibly identify when that judgment erred.

/rant over semantics with no intended payoff