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Monday, August 2, 2010

First day of ...

It's a big day here in Athens: First day of football practice, first weekday of August, and, most importantly, my first day on the job.

Yours truly is still literally unpacking in his new Athens home: I finally closed up shop in Columbia on Sunday, clearing out the old place, and while I'm moved in to the new place in Athens, I'll probably be unpacking boxes until November.

(I'm a pack rat. I still have baseball cards from the mid-1980s. No, really.)

Of course you all don't care about that, you want to know about that whole first-day-of-football-practice thing. Georgia is also holding media day this afternoon, and we'll have full coverage of that and the afternoon practice.

In the meantime, if anybody's interested in a Dennis Rasmussen rookie card, lemme know. I'll give you a great deal.

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Universal Remonster said...

Welcome Seth. Methinks that Athens will be potentially a lot more fun for you than Columbia. Oh, and I'll take that Rasmussen for my '65 Manny Mota.

Basket Party said...

Hey Seth great blog, looking forward to a great year for the BullDogs Ill be linking back to some of your articles keep them comming

clee said...

Welcome Seth. It's great to have the blog up and running again. I was really getting tired of being productive at work.

Marco said...

Welcome. Tough shoes to fill. Do you feel like Murray?

Anonymous said...

Hey I like Baseball Cards! Why WOULD you have gotten rid of them???

Anonymous said...

Hey Marco, are you comparing Hale to Joe Cox? C'mon man... Maybe he's (Seth) feeling more like DJ Shockley. Do I hear Conference Champs...?