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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Second day Jittery Joe's

First off, I hope you bear with me this first week as I get settled down and get my bearings. I plan to offer morning links and all the good stuff David did, but at the moment the good people at the cable company haven't seen fit to install my home Internet yet. So at the moment I'm making use of the wireless at Jittery Joe's.

(Not that I'm calling out the cable company or anything. I mean, it was only a two-hour window, so what if they were two hours later. Clearly it was Mark Richt's fault for holding practice at a time that was inconvenient for the cable company.)

But anyway ...

I had a solid first day, other than the wireless. Here's a link to my morning story on Aaron Murray, and also to the notes.

A quick non-sports, but Georgia-related, note: I wake this morning to news that the University of Georgia has been rated the top party school in these United States, according to Playboy - no wait, Princeton Review.

First reaction: What do people at Princeton know about partying? (Apologies to my friend Amy, a proud graduate of there. Wait, she's not reading this blog, never mind.)

Second reaction: I hope Princeton Review was more methodical in its research than Playboy when it was compiling its list in the late 1990s. I was in the offices of my campus' student newspaper, at Maryland, when Playboy called. They spoke to a colleague - I think he was a colleague, I didn't recognize him, but he answered the phone. I overheard Playboy ask him a series of questions, and that was apparently their dutiful research: To call the campus newspaper and ask a random person what the party scene was like on a Tuesday night.

But I digress ...

Practice today is at 3 p.m. - that's eastern time for those of you in Guam who were thinking of making the trip. Shorts and helmets. We'll have stories and notes on the blog, in tomorrow's paper, and all that good stuff.


Cameron said...

Feel free to bash the cable company. Charter in Athens is widely blasted students and townies a like.

MarkS31 said...

Welcome, Seth. Great article on the QBs. Go Dawgs!

Universal Remonster said...

Quick question Seth... will you still be posting some of those awesome videos Brandon Spoon does?