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Sunday, December 5, 2010

The airing of grievances

I got a lot of problems with you people!

Well, not really. But given the, ahem, response to the posting of my All-SEC ballot (why did I do that again?) I thought it might be useful to offer up a few explanations.

- A.J. Green: Look, he missed one-third of the season. As I said before, I believe Green and Julio Jones are probably the two best receivers in the league. But this vote was not to assemble a team to send to China and best represent SEC football. It’s to recognize the players that had the best season.

Green still ended up having a fantastic eight games (49 catches for 771 yards and nine touchdowns.)

But Alshon Jeffery led the SEC with 1,387 receiving yards, and caught nine touchdown passes.

Randall Cobb tied with Jeffery for the SEC lead with 79 catches, had 955 receiving yards and 401 rushing, and combined for 12 touchdowns. He also had three passing touchdowns.

I think the world of Green’s ability as a receiver, and having covered him since he was a sophomore in high school, I like him as a person too. But when it comes to this ballot, I’m sorry, he missed four games, three of them SEC games. It’s as simple as that.

- Mike Pouncey: Honestly, there weren’t many extraordinary choices at center this year. (The ballot required one center and four linemen without regard to position.) Yes, there were some instances where Pouncey’s snaps did not go in the general direction of the quarterback. His blocking received better reviews, however.

Still, a debatable pick? I guess so!

- Cam Newton and Nick Fairley. A few of you said I must not have taken character into account, since these two guys are such slimeballs (at least in the minds of some.)

For the purposes of this this vote, I did not take character into account. It’ll be a different deal when it comes to the Heisman, however, where I believe some discretion is allowed.

As a beat writer, I’m limited a bit on how much opinion I can offer up, especially on issues that I’m covering, such as the Fairley late-hit story in the Georgia game. But if you were to buy me a beer sometime, maybe I’d open up a bit.

- Place-kicker: A few have complained about not voting for Blair Walsh. Here’s why I went with Josh Jasper: He was 26-for-31 on field goals, with two from longer than 50 yards, and there were several games where he may have been the difference for LSU. Walsh had a good season too (18-for-21, with two from beyond 50), but he wasn’t as much of a factor for his team, through no fault of his own.

Finally, I’ll just say this about my role in the voting: I’ve voted in preseason and postseason awards before, and I’ve never acted as the voice from the team I’m covering. Instead I try to vote from a perspective of the league as a whole. That’s why more than a few South Carolina fans got peeved at me for not voting for their guy in postseason basketball awards.

I’m sure a lot of this won’t stop the flow of invective. So I’ll just close by saying: Hey, it’s the holiday season. Everyone just grab a pole, perform a feat of strength, and maybe a Festivus miracle will occur! (Such as Green and Justin Houston coming back to school.)

Happy holidays.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for this post Seth. I agree with your reasoning in that AJ while is the most physically gifted reciever in the SEC (and pretty much all of college football), he did miss 4 games. Alshon Jeffery has had an amazing season and I don't know that Greg Childs wouldn't have beaten out Randall Cobb if he had stayed healthy.

Center play wasn't exactly stellar around the league but I don't remember any other guy rolling snaps or launching them over his QB's head like Pouncey did...just sayin'.

Your job is to report what is going on and not to be a homer just because you cover UGA. I can't disagree with any of your picks other than Pouncey.

Overall I think you have done a good job this year so don't let all of the negative talk get to you. The "lunatic fringe" are evidently capable of using computers as well (and I bet they post on the AJC as well!)

Anonymous said...


For the record, I appreciate your work. I really can't understand the reception you've gotten from some unpleasant members of our fanbase this season. But I say keep up the good work.

Al said...

Seth, I believe you are doin a great job and I enjoy your blog. Unlike these Disney Dawgs with their comments, I agree with your All SEC team. Green and Jones are the best receivers but Jeffery and Cobb had better numbers. As far as Newton and Fairly they were the best at their positions. UGA fans would not be complaining about Newton if he was at UGA but then again he would be at tightend. Keep up the good work.

gastr1 said...

I will chime in as a fourth. Your reasoning and choices are sound, appropriate, and appreciated.

Anonymous said...


Good stuff. I have enjoyed your posts this year.

I cannot blame you for AJ. Folks need to get a life...he did blew it by what he did.

I do question Pouncy, but other than that, it is hard for logical people to disagree.

Anonymous said...


I will continue with the positive comments. Great job and I enjoy reading your blog almost daily. Thanks for posting updates frequently. I will say that when Hale advised he was leaving I was bummed and not expecting much out of you, but you've proven me wrong, thus a Festivus Miracle!

"...As I rained blows upon him, I realized there had to be another way."

junkdog said...

I read your blog daily, and will continue to do so,,,just throw in a little football news during the long winter/basketball/baseball season at UGA. Like they say, opinions are like a$$holes, everyone has one. Stay objective and unbiased.

Anonymous said...


Cam Newton wouldn't be at Georgia since we don't pay cheating burglars to play football.


Anonymous said...

Micky, Very true since the coaching staff cannot evaluate talent. However Herschel was seen driving a Trans Am after he signed. Hmmmmmmmmm