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Friday, December 17, 2010

As Glenn stays mum on NFL, Searels mulls the future

Cordy Glenn says he isn’t thinking about going pro yet. But the possibility is in his position coach’s mind.

Glenn, a starting guard, and left tackle Trinton Sturdivant each submitted their name to the NFL draft advisory board. They might not go pro, but offensive line coach Stacey Searels knows there’s a chance.

“We’ll cross that bridge when it gets here, and I think that’ll be right after the bowl,” Searels said. “My hope is that they make wise decisions. I think they’re both good players, and I do want to coach them next year.”

When asked specifically about Glenn and Sturdivant, the coach added: “I’ve talked to those guys, and like I said I hope they both stay here next year. I’ll say this: I hope they both make wise decisions. OK?”

Then he laughed, almost nervously. Searels has been around long enough to know there’s only so much he can control.

Even Glenn admitted that when it comes to the draft, “guards and centers, it’s kind of wishy-washy on how they can get drafted.”

So why did he submit his name?

“I was curious of what the NFL thinks of me,” he said. “I think that’s why most people do it.”

Glenn was recently rated, by ESPN’s Mel Kiper, the top guard prospect among underclassmen. So he could stand a good chance of getting drafted, but the question is whether he could improve his stock by coming back for another year.

“I really haven’t tried to think about that,” Glenn said. “I’m trying to stay focused on Georgia football and the season, and trying to end on the right note.”

Sturdivant’s thoughts cannot be divined because he is unavailable to the media. The former SEC all-freshman standout has had a couple knee surgeries, but was healthy enough to start several games this season.

“They’ve got to look at their projections of where the NFL people say,” Searels said. “And then I think it’s still a crapshoot. Because how many times do you see a guy that’s projected as say a first rounder and he sits in that green room till he’s in the second or third round. If a guy that’s a first-rounder can drop, then a guy who’s ranked a little bit lower, where will he go? So they’ve gotta make wise decisions. They really need to look into all the aspects and advantages of coming back vs. going out.”

Searels, for his part, said he’s excited about the players he knows are coming back, especially some youngsters that didn’t see much action this year. That includes Austin Long and center Chris Burnette, each of whom should be at full-speed for spring practice.

Kenarious Gataes seems to figure heavily in plans next year. He started several games at right guard this year, but he could play some tackle too.

“I think that scenario depends on who’s back,” Searels said.

1 comment:

<--- Dawg Stephen Himself said...

I personally think that linemen should use all the time they can in college to improve their game.

The offensive line is a good bunch, but I think they should only leave early if they accomplished all they wanted to in 2010, have nothing else to learn and played the way they expected to play....cough cough.

Come back guys.