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Friday, December 3, 2010

Tereshinski speaks on 'different direction' of strength program

For those who thought Georgia should have brought in new blood to oversee the strength and conditioning program, Joe Tereshinski disagrees.

“First of all, I have a pretty fresh perspective of our strength program,” said Tereshinski, who on Thursday was put in charge of the program, but has worked at Georgia since 1982. “When you know what’s going on, when you know your kids, you know the SEC … you know what it’s gonna take.”

During a teleconference with reporters on Friday, Tereshinski made clear that changes will be made in how Georgia’s much-maligned strength program will be run.

There will be an emphasis on nutrition, and new ways to evaluate the players’ performance in the weight room.

“Everybody realizes we have to go in a different direction and become stronger, become quicker and turn this program around,” said Tereshinski, who met with players at 6 a.m. on Friday.

Tereshinski thanked the Bulldog position coaches “who have called me to support this decision.” He also thanked Dave Van Halanger, and praised his work through the years. Van Halanger was shifted from strength coordinator to administrative assistant to head coach Mark Richt.

Some fans have complained that Richt didn’t hire someone from outside. Tereshinski has been assistant strength coach and video coordinator, but Van Halanger was clearly in charge of the program.

There could still be new additions: Tereshinski said he’s talking to “some other individuals” that may join the staff. That will happen after the bowl. He said he’s “considering” talking with John Kasay Sr. about coming back on board in a role. Kasay Sr. oversaw the strength program under Vince Dooley.

“He is a tough, knowledgable, unforgiving, disciplined man that loves to train kids,” Tereshinski said. “I will visit with John Kasay.”

In the meantime, Tereshinski said the three assistants on the strength staff would work with players in the weeks before Georgia's bowl game. Tereshinski pointed out that was a repeat from last year, when Van Halanger had a heart attack after the regular season ended.

As for the future, Tereshinski detailed his philosophy:

- Asked what the culture of his program would be, Tereshinski said it would be about being at the top of their game in the fourth quarter.

“Georgia used to be known that in the fourth quarter, they won,” Tereshinski said. “We’re going to press and challenge these kids every day to overcome. They’re going to have to overcome.”

- What the players eat “will be closely-monitored,” he said. The staff will have graduate assistants at meals, and will record what players are eating. They’ll weigh players every day, and test their body fat.

- Tereshinski, who has been the video coordinator, said they’ll start recording the player’s weight room work, and using that to help improve their performance.

“It’s all really positive reinforcement. But there’s no waiting. The moment somebody misses, they’re going to sit in front of the TV monitors, and I’m going to ask them: What is your goal here? Is it to start? Is it to play in the league?”

MY TAKE: All this sounds great, obviously, and Tereshinski didn't mince many words about there being a new sheriff in the weight room. But I also didn't expect him to announce that players would be allowed to wear flip flops and eat Doritos. Whether the change will have the desired effect will have to be best measured when the 2011 season starts.


Anonymous said...

This Sounds great ! I would also hope that players when arriving to the stadium on gameday is to get their head into the game instead of listnening to hip hop music on their ipods. Its time to man up and get tough and change the culture to win championships...

King Jericho said...

@Anon 12:11

What in the world does hip hop music have to do with being focused and winning? I worked with the gymnastics team for a few years and during the SEC and NCAA championships, Courtney Kupets (one of the greatest gymnasts of all times) would ALWAYS be jamming, dancing, and singing to music before a routine. People get loose and ready all kinds of different ways; we've got many more glaring problems than this.

Regular Guy said...

I just wonder how long it takes a new S&C guy to make a big difference. Just like it takes a couple of years for coaches to develop their players in a new system, I would think it takes the guys being in a S&C program at least a couple of years before you start to see huge differences. I know that for the coaches putting in their schemes it's more of a mental thing and for S&C it's more of a physical thing, but I think the point still stands. Now obviously conditioning can be improved in the short term, but I was surprised at how often we seemed to be physically the smaller team this year. We've got a lot of guys that need to add a good bit of muscle mass and strength. That doesn't happen quickly, assuming everything is being done cleanly.

GUH said...

Anon 12:11 is the epitome of our anonymous-1980-message board-stuck in a time warp-footbawww-Dooley-tailback fanbase.

Rap music? Bad.
Throwing the football? Bad.

Anonymous said...

@ King Jerico... Its called focus and dancing on the sidelines while the game is still in doubt aint getting it done. I agree... its time to change the culture at UGA to get these players attention. No ipods, no tweeting and no dancing. Be prepared and focused!

Anonymous said...

It aint gmymnastics its frickin football idiot and in my book old skool rules!

Anonymous said...

That's some pretty rich talk from Coach T. I remember he and Kasay being slammed for having one of the weakest, least effective S and C programs in the SEC. I don't care how tough and how "unforgiving" they are. These guys better get results or they'll be out of the UGA union jobs they've been handed.

Old school, tough, hard nosed....all just code words for how they did it when whoever played.

I hope this doesn't turn into a shite storm.

UGA69Dawg said...

Hopefully the position coaches will get more say in the S&C for their positions. It has long been rumored that Coach Van did not pay any attention to their requests and Richt backed his old friend in that fight. I hope it works out but like the Willie situation it may have been a few years too late.