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Friday, December 10, 2010

Mailbag day: Fire away

We'll do the mail a different way this week, at the suggestion of a few of you. If you have a question, or a comment, or an attack, that you'd like answered, fill it out below in the comment section, and I'll answer it there.

Let's see how it works this way, and maybe we'll continue doing it that way, maybe not. But don't be bashful: I know you've got questions about the offseason, recruiting, Dexter, and how cold I am after the heating system in my house conked out at 10 p.m. last night. Boy, has it been a fun time since then.

I'll start off with one question I got from several of you during the week: Why I left Cam Newton off my Heisman ballot? Well, I didn't cast a ballot at all, as I abstained. Here's the column I wrote explaining it.

OK, fire away. Warm me up. Please.


Anonymous said...

Why the departure from the 'normal' way of the Mail bag?

Seth Emerson said...

Like I said, we'll see how this works. If people prefer it the other way, feel free to chime in.

Anonymous said...

Who has a better chance of making it to next season, Lumen Pierce or Mark Richt?

Seth Emerson said...

Mark Richt, since that's already been announced.

But like you, I'm really worried about Lumen. I have a feeling the message the writers are sending is that Dexter can't live a charmed life; his actions, while noble on some level since he only kills bad people, still have consequences. He must live a solitary life. Hence Rita being taken away from him. And what of Harrison?

Still, I don't think it's been a great season. Let's see how the finale turns out.

Sean Rester said...

Seth, have you heard of any big NT recruits on UGA's radar (JuCo or prep)? If so, possible names of the recruits. I know you don't get big into recruiting but I figure you probably would have heard about it. Thx & love the blog.

Anonymous said...

I live in Alabama and feel like I have witnessed the Cam Newton zombie takeover. With all that has transpired, I feel like the NCAA and the SEC are corrupt. Is our program clean? Am I living in a fantasy world to hope in the virtue of college football? Help me, Seth.I will say that I admire your withholding of your Heisman vote in light of all this mess. So many seem to be putting their heads in the sand over the issue.

Seth Emerson said...

Thanks Sean.

The JUCO kid is John Jenkins of Mississippi Gulf Coast. Jenkins is 6-5 and 330, suffice to say the build they need in a nose guard.

Gabe Wright, a high school player from Columbus, is also a prime target.

Seth Emerson said...

Anon, regarding Cam Newton, etc.

Thanks for the sentiments. I can't really comment on the other stuff, but I'll let you put it out there.

Brian said...


With all the news about Georgia's strength and conditioning woes and the new direction the program is going, how come we never hear about performance enhancing drugs in college athletics? (I know a school probably can't legally out a kid for testing positive, but it would be interesting to see anonymous year-end results, like Florida had 7 student athletes fail random drug tests this year, etc).

Are we losing the battle in the trenches because we run a clean program and everyone else is juicing?

Is drug testing at school standardized, or is it like admissions, where some schools have higher standards than others?

I think this would make for a very interesting story, if your in the market for a Pulitzer.

Seth Emerson said...


Yeah, it would be Pulitzer-worthy, but it's also the hardest story in sports to prove. Well that, and whether boosters are paying athletes under the table.

People criticize the media for not "uncovering" the steroids scandal in baseball in the 90s, but what were they supposed to do? You can't just start throwing out accusations. You have to have positive drug tests, or someone to talk.

It's a tough nut.

Anonymous said...

I love your witty...and insightful!


We really need Charone Peake. If we sign Rome would it be possibe to move Lynch to fullback and Aaron White to receiver? Also, why do we have a receivers coach who was a running back and running back coach who was receiver - makes no sense to me. Is Bryan McClendon that special of a recruiter? But we have been 100% better on special teams this year - I credit that to the new coaches. Who is most likely to start at right guard & tackle next season? Have many more questions but will stop here. (And hasn't Chuck Dowdle been the biggest upgrade in the world?

Anonymous said...

It seems that Crowell may have be prone to injury. What is your take on this?

Anonymous said...

That should say "may be prone to injury." That concerns me. I think we may be putting our eggs in one basket.

Anonymous said...

What the hell is this?

Calif Dawg said...

Your prediction please on the next head coach at UF and Vandy. If Mike Leach is not one of yours where will he end up?