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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Nick Williams looking to transfer

The Liberty Bowl will apparently be Nick Williams’ final game in a Georgia uniform.

The junior from Bainbridge intends to transfer.

Williams has shifted between linebacker and safety the past few years, and the lack of a defined position has been a sore point for him, according to the source.

Williams has played eight games this year, with no starts, recording three tackles. He started the year at strong safety, then moved to middle linebacker, a scenario that also occurred his freshman season.

Update: 10:27 p.m. eastern

UGA has confirmed that Williams has been "given permission" to talk to other schools about transferring, according to associate athletics director Claude Felton. Williams hasn't officially told the team he's leaving, according to Felton, but he'll be given his release if he does.


Anonymous said...

We didn't treat this young man fairly, in my opinion. I wish him the very best.

Anonymous said...

I felt like that we didn't use Nick Williams or Kiante Tripp properly. Hope Tripp gets a shot at the NFL.

Anonymous said...

Not sure how the coaching staff can recruit, offer scholarship, evaluate in practice, and still not know what position a player should play. Tripp, Anderson, and Samuel also comes to mind. Ray Goff also had Robert Edwards playing DB and Terrell Davis sitting on the bench. Have we returned to the Ray Goff zone?

BCSAV said...

Like many have said, since Van Gorder left we haven't evaluated or developed players like we did when he was here. I too feel bad for N. Williams. The kid is huge and I feel as if we could've gotten something good out of him. Good Luck to him!

Seth- by far your best week on the blog. Thanks!

Calif Dawg said...

Watching the Army-SMU game. Anyone out there think UGA would have held SMU to 0 points in the first half same way as Army has? I bring it up because it would have been SMU to play UGA in the Liberty Bowl if they had beaten CF. Just another defense using pressure with less heralded guys yet getting better results.