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Friday, December 10, 2010

Mailing it in, because I'm freezing

Thanks to everyone for the questions, and sorry I couldn't get to them all. Feel free to offer any feedback on whether you like doing it today's way (comments and then I answer in the comments section) or the older way.

I'll have to end the feature for today, thanks to the fact that I now have no heat in my house. Seems the people at SCANA and/or Atlanta Gas and Light can't be troubled to send a technician over to perform the two-minute task of unhooking a block on a gas pump. (Long story, but when I moved in last August, the account didn't transfer over, yada yada yada. I only discovered this fact this morning.) So for a month or so now I've had heat, no problem, then last night - bam, no heat.

I've already got the sniffles, and since it will take them six days to come over and perform the two-minute task, I'll either have to trek over to a hotel for a week, buy some space heaters, or freeze to death.

Again, thanks SCANA and Atlanta Gas and Light. You all are wonderful. (Updated: Today, you were, seriously.)

Sorry to vent. Anyway, Georgia resumes practice on Saturday, at which point we'll have some notes, quotes and observations for you. Until then .... brrrrrr....

UPDATE: This story has a happy ending. Some nice people at SCANA and Atlanta Gas and Light were able to fit me in today, so the house is now receiving heat again.

I hope it didn't appear to anyone that I was using the blog to try and get something. My house is also my office, so it was kind of an important thing. And once again I thank SCANA and Atlanta Gas and Light for that.


Anonymous said...


Buy yourself a used kerosene heater on craigslist. Close all doors that lead out of a room. camp out in that room with the heater...good luck

Anonymous said...

Scana and AGL are the worst people you will have to deal with, especially in the cold. My heat went out as yours did and since it wasn't an "emergency" or gas leak, I had to wait for them to have an opening to help me out. Literally took them two minutes to turn it back on once they got there. Calling to complain was about as helpful to my cause as a Todd Granthum choke sign.