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Friday, December 24, 2010

Hoops: The ugly girlfriend index

Mark Fox tweeted after Thursday night’s three-point win at Mercer that “like my buddy once told my brother, an ugly girlfriend is still a girlfriend.”

Yeah, not sure I can agree with that one, coach. But the larger point is true: Margin of victory doesn’t count in college basketball, at least in its most important measurement, the RPI.

(That’s the Ratings Percentage Index, for the non-hoops geeks out there. And just a warning, for the next few months, there will be hoop geekiness on this blog.)

It’s been well-documented that the SEC has suffered a bunch of bad losses. Georgia’s an exception, along with Kentucky and Vanderbilt. Here, for your hoop geekiness enjoyment, are the current RPI rankings of SEC teams, according to, along each team’s losses.

8. Kentucky (9-2)

Losses: Connecticut (neutral), North Carolina (away)
17. Vanderbilt (9-2)
Losses: West Virginia (neutral), Missouri (away)
21. Tennessee (8-3)
Losses: Oakland (home), Charlotte (away), Southern California (home)
28. Florida (9-3)
Losses: Ohio State (home), Central Florida (neutral), Jacksonville (home)
49. Georgia (9-2)
Losses: Notre Dame (neutral), Temple (neutral)
62. Mississippi (8-3)
Losses: Dayton (home), Miami, Fla. (away), Colorado State (neutral)
84. South Carolina (7-3)
Losses: Michigan State (away), Ohio State (away), Furman (away)
152. Arkansas (8-2)
Losses: UAB (neutral), Texas A&M (neutral)
193. LSU (7-5)
Losses: Nicholls State (home), Memphis (neutral), Coastal Carolina (home), Wichita State (neutral), North Texas (home)
204. Alabama (6-6)
Losses: Seton Hall (neutral), Iowa (neutral), St. Peter’s (neutral), Purdue (away), Providence (away), Oklahoma State (neutral)
240. Mississippi State (8-4)
Losses: Florida Atlantic (home), East Tennessee State (home), Virginia Tech (neutral), Washington State (neutral)
330. Auburn (4-7)
Losses: UNC Asheville (home), Samford (home), Ccampbell (home), Jacksonville (home), Rutgers (neutral), South Florida (road), Presbyterian (home)


BCSAV said...

Fox needs to take a little blame for the mid game slumps. We always play well out the gate and then turn it on at the end we we absolutely have to. We just don't play 40 mins with the urgency necessary to be a very good team. At least not right now.

Anonymous said...

Does AU's loss to div II Columbus State University not count against them?

Marcus said...

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Robert K. Burnham said...

I do agree with Mark Fox, a win is a win. But that had to be the ugliest win I have ever seen, and we did not deserve it. I would hire a sports psychologist and/or free throw shooting guru ASAP before our stinkiness at the charity stripe costs us some games