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Friday, December 31, 2010

Second half blog

6:00 left in game, Georgia still trails, 10-6

Well, it hasn't gotten any prettier yet for Georgia. And if it does, I'll have to write about it a little later - I have to head down to the field to get ready for postgame.

Hopefully I'll be able to post quotes here as soon as possible afterwards. But with New Year's early deadlines I have to hack out some stories too.

9:01 left in fourth quarter, UCF takes a 10-6 lead

I never felt like a Georgia loss in this game would be a disaster. Then again, I never really thought the Bulldogs would lose.

Now, for the first time this game, they are trailing, after UCF moves downfield and scores on a 10-yard run by Latavious Murray.

Considering how ugly this game has been, if Georgia were to lose, it would be quite a fitting indictment to finish such a mediocre season. Hell, you could term it less than mediocre.

But hey, there's still nine minutes left, and perhaps overtime. (God forbid.) So we'll see.

10:00 left in fourth quarter, Georgia still leads 6-3

I'm looking at a Liberty Bowl awards ballot that asks me to vote for MVP, and most outstanding players on offense and defense for each team.

If anyone can think of anything or anyone outstanding about this, lemme know.

4:00 left in third quarter, Georgia still leads 6-3

It just hasn't gotten any more exciting here. And Aaron Murray is still wearing gloves.

The longer Georgia lets UCF hang in there - and it does feel like it's letting it - the more danger there is. To be fair, the Knights defense is proving to be as stingy as its stats would indicate, but the Bulldogs also aren't getting breakaway plays.

It's almost like Georgia is content to ride its defense, and play conservative on offense, avoid turnovers. Not sure that's a great idea. Murray has had bad starts, like the Florida game, and steadied himself. And whenever you've got A.J. Green, not to mention Orson Charles, Kris Durham and Tavarres King - you use them.

9:23 left in third quarter, Georgia takes 6-3 lead

Georgia's opening drive of the second half looked a lot like its first of the opening half: Methodical, no long plays and ending with a field goal. (Though this time it was the obvious decision to kick it.)

And yes, Aaron Murray is still wearing gloves, and this time he didn't throw a pick. That's getting a lot of attention, and we've been kind of making light of it, but to be honest the wind has been a bigger factor here.

On that drive, Bruce Figgins got a lot of action at fullback, and looked pretty good doing it. He also got a pass near the end of the drive.

Speaking of the blocking, Washaun Ealey has had a pretty solid game so far. He just hasn't broken a long one yet.


Anonymous said...

time for marc richt to take a midnight express to australia

Anonymous said...

Pick up the pace Blog Man. You alone can make this tolerable.

Anonymous said...

Richt has got to go. I am sick of this crap.

Anonymous said...

MVP vote-Both deep snappers have done an outstsanding job

Anonymous said...

Take Garner with him. Our D-line is pathetic.

Anonymous said...

Thank the good lord my wife made the 6:30 dinner reservation. Sorry you will have to witness this Seth. We are the antithesis of a sorry coached team with no drive. To see the Falcons effort on defense and us is night and day. Our culture has devolved into the mid 90s. no mercy. I will watch the game if we win on Tivo, but unfortunately I don't have suffer anymore.

Anonymous said...

Its official...we suck.

Russ said...

Really, really bad team. It's looking like 2007 was the fluke season.

I really shudder to think what Boise State will do to us in 9 months. No way we should ever be looking up to Boise State, but we are. Heck, we're looking up to UCF! Pathetic.

Matt said...

So disgusted. We can't get lower. Richt deserves all the flak coming his way.

Anonymous said...

Murray needs to get rid of the gay gloves. Richt should have had the cajones to tell him to get rid of those things at halftime.

Anonymous said...

How anyone can defend Mark Richt after watching this game is beyond me. Richt needs to either resign or be fired. Paying $3M a year for a 6-7 record with the talent level that is present on the team and resources in the program is totally unacceptable.