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Saturday, December 4, 2010

My All-SEC ballot

I just sent in my votes for the Associated Press All-SEC team. Here's how it looked:

WR: Randall Cobb, Kentucky
WR: Alshon Jeffery, South Carolina
L: Demarcus Love, Arkansas
L: Lee Zimba, Auburn
L: Derek Sherrod, Mississippi State
L: Byron Isom, Auburn
C: Mike Pouncey, Florida
TE: D.J. Williams, Arkansas
QB: Cameron Newton, Auburn
RB: Marcus Lattimore, South Carolina
RB: Knile Davis, Arkansas
PK: Josh Jasper, LSU
All-Purpose/Returner: Patrick Peterson, LSU

E: Devin Taylor, South Carolina
E: Jake Bequette, Arkansas
T: Nick Fairley, Auburn
T: Drake Nevis, LSU
LB: Justin Houston, Georgia
LB: Chris White, Mississippi State
LB: Danny Trevathan, Kentucky
CB: Patrick Peterson, LSU
CB: Janoris Jenkins, Florida
S: Ahmad Black, Florida
S: Mark Barron, Alabama
P: Chas Henry, Florida

Offensive Player of the Year
Cam Newton, Auburn

Defensive Player of the Year

Nick Fairley, Auburn

Coach of the Year
Dan Mullen, Mississippi State

Freshman of the Year
Marcus Lattimore, South Carolina

A few quick observations/explanations:

- Before voting, I didn’t hole up in a film room with Ron Jaworski, or even Phil Steele. But I did reach out to fellow beat writers around the SEC to get some private impressions, and based a lot of this on their feelings.

- I looked at my ballot when it was done and realized I only had one player from Alabama and Georgia. Who’d a thought that at the beginning of the year? If there were a second-team, there would be room for guys like A.J. Green, Julio Jones, Mark Ingram, Marcell Dareus, Clint Boling, Akeem Dent, Drew Butler and Blair Walsh.

- A.J. Green and Julio Jones are probably the two best receivers in the league. But I couldn’t vote for Green after missing four games, and Jones was just out-produced by Jeffery and Cobb.

- I suspect my votes for offensive and defensive player of the year, and freshman of the year, will conform to everyone else’s. But coach of the year is where I differ: Auburn’s Gene Chizik will likely win it, but my own feeling on this is that Newton and Gus Malzahn (and the NCAA) are the bigger reasons Auburn is 12-0. In fact, up until the last moment I had Steve Spurrier on my ballot. But ultimately I went with Mullen because he simply got the most out of the talent he had on hand.


Anonymous said...

Leave AJ Green off for missing four games? but leave $Cam on whose father shopped him around? oh I forgot he didn't know anything about it, wink wink.
Go back and cover the lame a$$ cocks. You certainly stink as the UGA beat writer. Never mind AJ is probably the best WR in the country, oh but he's not on Seth's All SEC team because he missed four games. NEVER mind he totally dominated anyone they put up against him.
Like I said FIND ANOTHER JOB, you stink at this one.

Nate said...


Anonymous was a little harsh in his delivery. I think you do a good job of covering the Dawgs, but he's right about A.J. Green. To leave him off of your ballot is absurd.


Anonymous said...

Agree with leaving AJ off, he missed 1/3 of the season which hurt his team for his own selfish actions (yes, the NCAA gave him too harsh a penalty relative to others, but he put himself in that position.) This award is for performance, not talen potential or draft status.

I also agree on Mullen, and it isn't close. Two main areas I would differ with you, I would have taken Walsh at PK. Yes, he missed that kick at CU but he is money, even at long distance. He was the best last year, and nothing changed this year.

My other vote is to not vote for Fairley. He is very talented but his play was dirty, and everyone knows it. Not just against UGA, all season. I would have selected someone who played within the rules. If Tiger played with an illegal ball all those years, should he have been #1? Fairley might be a protest vote but so be it, he is total scum and deserves no positive recognition.

Anonymous said...

Anon - You're an idiot.

Nate - AJ screwed us big time this year. But missing 4 games is too much. I don't think you'll see a huge difference in that regard on other ballots

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:39 You are type "fan" that gives UGA such a bad reputation on the internet. Get some balance in your life son, it is just an opinion.

All opinions that differ from you are not because everyone else is stupid, haters, biased, or involved in a conspiracy. How old are you? Is middle school giving you problems?

Anonymous said...

He ALL ANONS you all SUCK!!!

Gunterrandy said...

WOW! Isnt Mike Pouncey the center that on several occasions hiked the ball every where but, to the QB? Calling a dirty defensive player like Nick the DPY is a terrible pick. He just should have missed multiple games this year for dirty hits. What would his stats look like if he missed a few games as he should have. Cameron Newtons father has came forward and admitted to shopping him around. No matter how good he is. He and his father have violated NCAA rules and he should not be playing. Man, maybe you should have never left the carolina paper......

Dawgfan said...

WOW! Pouncey- really? How many turnovers did he cause this year?

Fairley- Let's reward the dirtiest player in the league.

These picks confirm what most of us have suspected all year long. You have no idea what you are doing! Worst beat writer in the SEC! Unbelievable!

Anonymous said...

Seth, I think others are being too harsh on your picks. Mullen, no doubt is the COY. At first I was surprised to see AJ missing, but Cobb and Alshon are deserving too, so I can't fault you there. As for Fairley, well, I hate him as much as everybody else, but you can't vote against him for no tangible reason. Regardless of whether he should have been suspended, he wasn't. He played, he played well, he wins. Same with Cam. The one thing I COMPLETELY disagree with is Pouncy. I'm forced to ask, did you watch the first half of the season? That whole thing about snapping the ball? Doing that well is usually a requirement for a good center.

Dawgaholic said...

You have out thought yourself. There is no way that Mike Pouncey should be on that list and absolutely no way AJ should not.

You should give up your voting privileges immediately. Votes like this are why people are leaving mainstream media and looking to other sources for information.

Still, everybody makes mistakes. Just come on here and admit you made a mistake.

Anonymous said...

Nobody on Georgia's team deserves to be all SEC. This team and coaches has once again proven to be underachievers and losers.Aaron Murray may be only the bright spot on this team.

Anonymous said...

You obviously don't care much about character or sportsmanship in individuals; hance, your choice of Cam Newton and Nick Fairley.

Anonymous said...

I don't really have a problem with much of your list except Mike Pouncey. Good grief, did you see him play this year?