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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

McGarity on Meyer

Greg McGarity worked at Florida for five of Urban Meyer's six seasons as the Gators head coach. And he was there when Meyer briefly (for 24 hours) retired last year.

Now as Georgia's athletics director, a position he has held since August, McGarity joins the people praising Meyer, who has stepped down again.

"I always admired Urban's creativity," McGarity said in a statement released by Georgia. "Regardless of the area of emphasis, he was constantly looking for ways to improve and get better every day. There is no doubt Urban will be successful in any path he decides to take in the coming months and years."

(McGarity at first released just a quick statement on Meyer, wishing Urban and his family good luck. Then after getting out of a meeting, the Georgia A.D. decided to revise and extend his remarks.)


jsgray83 said...

Seth- Love the blog. Keep up the good work! However, shouldn't the title of the post be "McGarity on Meyer"?

Seth Emerson said...

Duh .. yeah. Thanks. I'm a dolt.

Anonymous said...

Wish McGarity would go back to UF and take his wimpy scheduling ideas with him. The man will send us into a death spiral on attendance and contributions. Anyone seen the 2012 home schedule? Who would pay to see that crap? Save lots of money, time, broiling in the noon sun, eating bad concession food, and you get to watch good games on TV, use a clean bathroom, have a drink when you want and light up a stogie. Not a hard decision to me.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous @ 11:42... it has worked at UF so I'm with McGarity on whatever he feels he needs to do to the schedule. I don't seem to remember any problem with attendance at the Swamp in the last few years. I do however remember very clearly two national titles.

Anonymous said...

Maybe we should join the Big East, or better yet, move to 1AA, gets lots of meaningless wins that way. We could buy our own trophy. (BTW, there is no National Championship in D1, never, not one, ever.)

Barstool69 said...

I do think if you're going to have the cupcakes, you've got cut out the noon games.