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Friday, December 3, 2010

Hoops postgame: Thompkins "fine", Davis praises UGA

A few notes after Georgia's 66-64 win over UAB on Friday night:

- Trey Thompkins said there's nothing to worry about with his injury in the final minute. No, it wasn't his ankle again. The star forward said he just landed on his hip badly.

"I'll be fine," he said. “(Trainger) Colby (Pohlmann) just told me to lay there for a second, just to make everyone worry a little."

- UAB head coach Mike Davis had an interesting assessment of Georgia.

"They're the second-most talented team that we'll play all year," Davis said. "They have some horses."

So of course we now have to scan UAB's schedule to see who Davis ranked first: Let's see, they played Arizona State (nah), Arkansas (probably not), face VCU and George Washington later this month (nope), then play at Duke in January, then eventually host Memphis, Marshall, Southern Miss and ... Wait, back up. I'm guessing he meant Duke.

- This was Georgia's third two-point victory of the season (in addition to Saint Louis and Mississippi Valley State). It also beat Manhattan by three.

- While Travis Leslie only had four points, he earned praise from teammates and head coach Mark Fox for his seven rebounds and critical late steal.

“Travis is becoming a great defender,” Thompkins said. “We pick on him every day, so eventually he’ll get tired of it and start playing some defense.”

- I'd love to tell you what Gerald Robinson Jr. had to say after hitting the game's most critical basket and grabbing the rebound and hitting the free throws that sealed the game. But for some reason Fox didn't make Robinson available. Robinson wasn't hurt.


Anonymous said...

Good to see UGA is squeaking out wins over Mickey Mouse teams. Looks like we may need to tweak our expectations once we hit the conference schedule. Is Mark Fox gonna be a bust hire ?????

Anonymous said...

UAB is not a Mickey Mouse team. It was 6-1 with a win over Arkansas, and won about 25 games last year. Its coach has been a final four head coach. It was a good win.