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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Florida has its man ... a Georgia man

So lemme get this straight: In the past few months, Georgia has hired as its athletics director someone who spent the previous 18 years at Florida, and Florida has hired a Georgia alum as its head football coach.

Some bitter rivalry there, people. C'mon, you think Alabama and Auburn would do that?

(OK, Greg McGarity may have worked all that time in Gainesville but he was born and raised in Athens, and Will Muschamp lived in Gainesville as a kid. But still ...)

Suffice to say, I was as caught by surprise by this as anyone. The speed of the hire and the, well, hire. So I guess this means Muschamp won't eventually be replacing Mark Richt.

So all kidding aside, how do you all feel about this? Conflicted because the new Gators coach is a former Bulldog player? Is it a good hire for the Gators?


Pdawg said...

So lemme get this straight: You 'break' this story about 16 hours later than you should. And then you include an obvious typo (I'm sure you meant to say that Muschamp lived in *Gainesville* as a kid).

Some professional reporting there, Seth. C'mon, you think David Hale would do that?

All kidding aside (ha ha ha - it's funny, right?), I do not feel conflicted. Muschamp called this a "dream come true." He's no Dawg. I hope he fails miserably.

Sports Dawg said...

It was said that Jeremy Foley would waste no time. I guess all the really good ADs keep that 'short list' in their top desk drawer just in case...

Anonymous said...

Georgia has greater problems to worry about who Florida hires. I hope he has a lot of Ray Goff in him.

Anonymous said...

Like Fran Tarkenton said... UGA is in a lot of trouble.....Once again Florida has beaten UGA to the punch. Football games, recruiting and now coaches. The slow death of our football program continues and you Richt apologist still have your heads buried in the sand.Like someone said UGA cant worry about Florida ,it needs to wake up and get rid of some clowns.

Anonymous said...

I have no conflict about it. I have always wondered though why he is considered such a rising star? I personally have not been that awed by his D at Auburn or UT.

The question will be who runs the O. If he brings in a Dan Mullen, Cutcliffe, Friedgen type star, then they will do well. If it is Addazio redux, then they continue to suffer.

BCSAV said...

Great day to be a Dawg! Muschamp would've been my 13th choice if I was a Florida fan. And sweet quote Champ... "I would not have left Texas for any other job." He a Kirby are just great Dawgs. I hope we beat Florida next year more than ever. CWM = DBD!

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:57,

Should I be overly concerned about a DC whose last three games against UGA yielded 45, 37 and 45 points? That makes Willie and Todd look competent.

As for Richt and keeping the clown. After 10 years, Vince was 73-32 with 2 SEC titles. After 10 years Richt is 96-33 and 2 SEC titles. Would you have fired Vince? Or maybe Bear? Or perhaps Tom Osborne who was 2-8 in his first 10 against OU.

Anonymous said...

Thankfully UF took that plunge, and not us. WM is an immature hot-head and I have been scared we would overlook all his psycho problems just because he once wore Red and Black. I have no idea why Foley chose him, it was a surprise to everyone, but I thank him for saving us.
Anon 10:57, what a fool you must be. Taking guidance from Fran? BTW, we don't have an opening so how exactly did we get beat to this train wreck?

Anonymous said...

anon 10:28 .... where have you been the last three years? This train has wrecked,crashed, fizzled and poofed. Richt apologists like yourself need to support your local Tee ball league where they dont keep score my friend. Im sure if UGA would have hired Muschamp or Smart as our defensive coach last year or even head coach , you and many others would have been proudly flying your Georgia flags on your house trailer.