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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Recruiting: Where things stand

Realizing that not everyone has the time or money to follow recruiting on a daily basis, we’re going to try to start a new feature here on Le Blog: Basically, an update for the passive recruiting fan.

Today, with about six weeks till Signing Day, we’ll do this in three parts:

- First, a ranking of the most important current Georgia commitments. And by “most important,” I mean a combination of immediate impact, long-range potential, and filling a need position.
- Next, the top 10 remaining targets on Georgia’s big board: Not to say anyone not on the list has no chance of signing with Georgia, but according to the experts, these 10 are the main focus at this point for the Bulldogs.
- Finally, five questions with Dean Legge, the recruiting guru at of the network.

Onward and upward:

The most important current commitments (With height, weight and star-rankings by and

1. QB Christian LeMay, Matthews, NC
6-2 …. 188 ..4 stars by Scout-4 stars by Rivals
2. MLB Amarlo Herrera, College Park, Ga.
6-2 …. 215 …4-4
3. CB Nick Marshall, Rochelle, Ga.
6-2 …. 186 ….4-4
4. S Corey Moore, Griffin, Ga.
6-1 …. 185 ….4-4
5. OT Zach DeBell, Tarpon Springs, Fla.
6-7 …. 265 ….3-4
6. C David Andrews, Norcross, Ga.
6-2 …. 276 ….3-3
7. S Chris Sanders, Tucker, Ga.
6-0 …. 173 …4-3
8. OT Watts Dantzler, Dalton, Ga.
6-7 …. 310 … 3-3
9. WR Justin Scott-Wesley, Camilla, Ga.
5-11 … 202 …3-4
10. WR Chris Conley, Dallas, Ga.
6-2 … 185 …..4-3
11. DE Sterling Bailey, Gainesville, Ga.
6-4 …. 230 …..3-4
12. DT Chris Mayes, Griffin, Ga.
6-5 …. 292 …..3-4
13. G Hunter Long, Memphis, Tenn.
6-4 …. 290 ……3-3
14. CB Devin Bowman, Ridgeland, Ga.
6-0 …. 175 ….3-3
15. LS Nathan Theus, Jacksonville, Fla.
6-3 …. 252 ….. 2-2
16. WR Zach Witchett, Atlanta, Ga.
6-0 …. 185 …3-3

The top 10 (plus one) most important players left on the board

1. RB Isaiah Crowell, Columbus, Ga.
6-0 ….. 210 …. 5-4
2. DE Ray Drew, Thomasville, Ga.
6-5 ….. 248 …. 4-4
3. DT John Jenkins, Mississippi Gulf Coast JUCO
6-4 …. 340 ….. 4-4
4. TE Jay Rome, Valdosta, Ga.
6-6 ….. 240 …… 5-4
5. DE Cornellius Carradine, Butler (Kan.) Community College
6-5 ….. 260 ….. 4-5
6. OLB Xzaivier Dickson, Griffin, Ga.
6-4 ….. 248 …… 4-4
7. DE Jeoffrey Pagan, Asheville, NC
6-4 ….. 255 ….. 4-4
8. CB Damian Swann, Atlanta, Ga.
6-0 …… 175 ….. 4-4
9. CB Malcolm Mitchell, Valdosta, Ga.
6-1 …… 190 ….. 4-4
10. RB Quan Bray, LaGrange, Ga.
5-10 …… 175 …. 4-4
11. MLB Shannon Brown, Adel, Ga. (Alabama commitment)
6-2 ……. 237 …..4-4

Q&A with the Dean:

SE: So is your feeling is that the uncommitted prospects could make or break this class?

DL: There is no question that they will make or break the class. The class as it is right now doesn't have a true game-breaker; the type of player you have to have to win at a high level in the SEC. After a disappointing 2010 in recruiting, Georgia can't have another letdown with in-state prospects - particularly with the group of in-state players this season.

SE: The feeling lately on the trail is that Georgia now has a good chance for Crowell, Drew and Rome. Agree?

DL: I think if today was Signing Day Georgia would sign all three players. The problem for Georgia is that strange things can happen in recruiting during Janurary - witness Da'Rick Rogers last season. So the Bulldogs need to keep doing what they are doing now and knock the ball out of the park when Crowell arrives for his official visit in January.

SE: Mark Richt has spoken about really wanting a nose guard who could play right away. Is Jenkins that guy? And if he doesn’t come, what then?

DL: Jenkins is that guy - and they need to sign him because there just are not that many 3-4 NG bodies out there. Look how dominant Alabama was with Cody - with him 26-2; without him 16-9. It is not that simple, but it does make a difference. You have to have a NG in the 3-4, and right now Jenkins is one of only a few out there.

SE: Of the current commitments, who have the best chance to play right away?

DL: I'd say the receivers, particularly Justin Scott-Wesley and Chris Conley, will play right away. Not because they are ready for the SEC, because they are not, but because there is a big need there. Scott-Wesley has tremendous upside. Amarlo Herrera is a very solid linebacker, who might get some time on special teams and on defense. Nick Marshall is too talented not to play right away.

SE: Is this potentially the most important few weeks of recruiting in Mark Richt’s tenure?

DL: Yes. Mark needs to close the deal here. This is a chance to elevate in a big way the high-end talent at Georgia. Georgia is always going to have talent, but not all talent is created equal (see Florida 2009 vs. Florida 2010). This is a class that has a chance to be very, very strong - and help right away. It is an important time for Richt at Georgia, and this class - particularly Crowell - can help in spots right away.


BulldogBrock said...

Thanks for the great stuff Seth. I LOVE recruiting info but am too cheap to pay for a subscription. Recruiting is particularly interesting right now, especially with the lull before the bowls start.

I know Christian LeMay said he was a strong commit to UGA unless something crazy happened with Murray, like say him winning the Heisman. Well that didn't happen, but to me Murray was nothing short of sensational.

I don't see how anyone would beat out Aaron unless Georgia shells out a couple hundred G's to get Cam (kidding, of course...too soon?) Any idea where LeMay stands now? Thanks!!

Anonymous said...

Great info Seth though I am not sure about how you came up with your rankings. With the year Murray had LeMay is not #1 or even close IMO. He may be the top rated player but in terms of importance for the next couple seasons I don't see it.

Why is Gabe Wright not on your list of uncommitted players? He and Jenkins are 1A and 1B in my mind. This team needs some big boys in the middle to stop the running attack. Speaking of Jenkins I see he is listed as committed to Okla St. Is that a soft commit such that he is still looking around?

Seth Emerson said...

Regarding LeMay, I haven't heard anything about him not being firm. The reason I list him No. 1, despite Murray, is that QB is the game's most critical position, and it's still a need with UGA only having two on scholarship.

Gabe Wright, I was told by Dean, isn't a huge focus right now because UGA isn't likely to get him. Of course that could change, these being teenagers. That's why I'm glad to cede the daily recruiting reporting to other professionals.

Anonymous said...

I would Charone Peake at or near the top. He is currently committed to Clemson, but UGA has not given up and is still putting on the full court press. While I like Scott-Wesley's speed and Conley's size, neither are the complete package. UGA needs a game changing type wide receiver to replace AJ and is trying hard to find one. Willing to bet that UGA gets a commitment form a wide receiver that is not on fan's radar right now.

HunkerDown. said...

Great Stuff Seth. Please keep doing this. I love recruiting info but not nearly enough to pay for it (which I think is just absolutely ridiculous).

Richt has to sign 3 or 4 of those guys on the fence especially Crowell.