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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Some coverage-related notes

A few housekeeping items to run by y’all:

- This shouldn’t affect anything, but the name of the Twitter handle is changing from @bulldogsblog to @sethemerson. My bosses and I just felt it best reflected everything going on with our coverage. (Witness Brandon Boykin calling me “Mr. Blog Man” last week.) But the name change doesn’t alter anything, no followers dropped. It’s basically like changing the picture (which I’m doing too.)

- There may be some other changes soon to the blog and online coverage. We’re looking for ways to expand and improve on what we do, and yes, that includes trying to figure out a way to consolidate the blogs into just one form. Not sure I can promise anything, but we’re working on it.

- I plan to post a mailbag the old way on Thursday – by answering your submitted questions. The way we did it last week, by answering your questions in the comments section, worked OK too, but some people prefer it the old way. So for the time being, we’ll mix it up, unless and until one form becomes the clear preference.

So in the meantime, feel free to submit questions to me via email ( or in the comment section below.


Anonymous said...

So, you're changing the Twitter name because it hurts your feelings that some of the players don't know your name?

Tom said...

I prefer the old mailbag way, because if nothing else you are a filter of a lot of junk. Last week most of the questions were garbage.