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Saturday, December 11, 2010

A.J. Green "close" to a decision

I know some people are getting sick of the constant A.J. Green updates, but the star receiver did say a few new things about the status of his decision:

- Green said he was "close" to making a decision, and would sit down with his family and discuss the matter soon.

- The potential NFL lockout will NOT have an effect on Green's decision, he said, in a turnabout from earlier statements. Green said he doesn't think there will be a long lockout, after speaking with ex-teammates like Matt Stafford and Mike Moore, and Atlanta Falcons president Rick McKay.

"I don't believe there's gonna be a lockout. I believe it's gonna last, maybe a couple days? There's gonna be a lot of people losing money if they don't have a season."

Green was among several Georgia juniors who met last week with McKay, in fairly standard informational session. The others, according to Green, were LB Justin Houston, G Cordy Glenn, CB-KR Brandon Boykin, K Blair Walsh and T Trinton Sturdivant. (There could have been others there, too.)

"He just talked to the people who potentially could leave," Green said.

Some have speculated a lockout would affect the draft, but Green was told it would not.

"There's gonna be a draft," he said. "That's not gonna be a part of my decision. I'm not gonna think about the lockout."

- While many of the above players will be sending off to the NFL draft advisory committee for an evaluation, Green said he would not be. The star receiver is expected to be a high first-round pick, and the first receiver taken.

"Coach Richt told me there was no need to send mine in," Green said, referring to head coach Mark Richt.

- On another subject, Green said he wasn't bothered by the Cam Newton situation; Green was suspended the first four games of this season for selling his jersey for $1,000, while Newton was declared eligible by the NCAA after it ruled that his father engaged in a pay-for-play scheme, which the NCAA found no evidence Cam was aware of happening.

"It just happens like that sometimes," Green said. "Some things like that you can't control, and that was one of them."


Anonymous said...

This is a joke. AJ simply needs to let everyone know what he has known since his first season. Go ahead and declare for the draft. I don't blame him, but if he thinks the lockout is only going to last a couple of days...he's kidding himself. People at that level will tell you what you want to hear to get you to declare and go Pro.

Anonymous said...

I agree this whole "I'm close" crap is stupid. I don't care that he goes pro but go ahead so everyone can move on. I'm more concerned with a guy like Boykin who might not leave but if he does it would hurt.

Anonymous said...

He's gone. Best wishes in the NFL AJ.

gastr1 said...

He's not announcing it because no one does that before the official end of their season. To do so is a classless move that may not sit well with coaches and teammates.

Also, there is little doubt that the coaches have told the players they cannot announce until after the last game is played.

I hope no one in DawgNation begrudges a player for leaving early. Those guys have a only a few years to make that money and need to do it while they can. I say thanks, AJ and go make us proud of you on Sundays and the rest of the week.

Anonymous said...

AJ Green, Matthew Stafford. Arguably the two most highly touted recruits in the Mark Richt era. Great careers but never did they play for a championship of any kind. Not their fault but why they can't be considered Georgia greats. Murray will be.

Anonymous said...

GOODBYE AJ. NoW you can do all the selling you want! Good Riddance!

Will said...

What else is he supposed to do besides say he is close? If reporters (not picking on you, Seth) stop asking him the question, he probably wouldn't talk about it at all, but if the reporters don't ask the question, they're not doing their job. And Anon @ 8:25, I think I speak for the remainder of Dawg Nation when I say you should take Mark Twain's advice.

Matthau said...

Good riddance? Are you F-ING HIGH?