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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

And more mailbag ...

And here’s round two of the mailbag, in which we discuss basketball, Ken Malcome (who elicited not one but two questions), baseball, softball, space and time, trolls, Washaun Ealey ... really, this mailbag has had it all.

How much should I spend on an engagement ring? My girlfriend's friends were kind enough to pick out a 1-karat diamond. This seems unfair to me.

Also, let's be overly optimistic for once. Pretend Georgia wins out, then wins a game or two in the SEC tournament. What's the highest NCAA seed we could be looking at?
- Steve

What’s the rule on an engagement ring, three month’s salary? Or one month’s salary? Well, not an issue for me at the moment. (Engagement, not lack of a salary.)

Under that win-out scenario, Georgia would probably be in line for a seed between No. 5-7.Under the most likely scenario – two more regular season wins to get to 9-7, then one win in the SEC tournament, I would bet on a No. 9 or No. 10 seed.

Why does the Hoop Dog offense seem to sieze in the second half of every game. I know Leslie said they get complacent, but I hope that's not the issue at this level. Do they get rattled, or do they simply need some CoachT90X S&C/
- NCDawg

I don’t think it’s depth – at least in terms of minutes played. I think it’s depth in terms of they hardly get any production from their bench, meaning that too much responsibility is placed on the core group: Thompkins, Leslie, then Jeremy Price, Gerald Robinson and Dustin Ware. I mean outside of a 3 here and there by Sherrard Brantley, they’re really not getting anything from anybody else.

I loved your post regarding all the basketball stats where you analyzed the areas that we are supposed to be weak in. With all that top notch research done, what is the problem if the numbers are in our favor?
- Bee

First off, thank you. I think the easy answer is that the Bulldogs have lost a lot of close games – their biggest margin of defeat was Florida, which was double-overtime. So when you figure in some blowout wins, the numbers are better. I guess I’d also argue with the premise that there is a problem: While yes, there have been disappointing losses, the team is 18-8 and 7-5 in the SEC. Not too shabby.

Thoughts on the "sources" from R&B's story yesterday on AM. this to go along with the non story during the season about CK?
- Watson Jones (via Twitter)

To be honest I’m not sure how much I want to wade into this one. Look, I worked at my college paper too, and I know what it’s like. Through my years in the reporting business I’ve had a few I’d like back too. And the original story on Murray actually would have been fine - not a major story, probably just a brief note, but still accurate - if it had just said he injured his ankle and the severity was unknown pending an examination.

I’m not going to be one who sits here and goes after a student reporter who at least is working hard and hopefully will learn from mistakes. My only question is, when it comes to the two stories you cited, where was the adult supervisor in all this? (My college paper didn’t have one, but my understanding is the Red and Black does.)

There hasn't been much said about Ken Malcome and how much he could possibly contribute to the running game. Is he just not that great of a running back, or are the others just that much better?
- Anonymous

I think it has more to do with Isaiah Crowell and the hype around him. I think Malcome will very much be a factor in the spring and possibly beyond.

The softball team is ranked pre-season number 1. Are there any other sports that UGA should be in contention for a championship this Spring? Golf, tennis, badminton, track, water polo?
- Anonymous

The UGA softball team actually moved into the No. 1 spot this week after an unbeaten start. As for the other sports: Women’s golf is a preseason No. 10, and the women’s tennis team was ranked No. 12 but just beat No. 9 Clemson.

What are the chances Crowell or 5 star RB's coming out of high school have a 1000yard + rushing season?
- Anonymous

A freshman at South Carolina did last year – 1,109 in fact. So yeah, I’d say it can be done, but it would probably be a good idea to keep the hopes on Crowell realistic until he actually has the starting job.

Are you a fan of comic books or comic book movies? What's your take on the latest batch of Marvel movies? Are you looking forward to Captain America, Thor, and/or the Avengers? If it helps spark your interest, Natalie Portman is in Thor, and there's a chance she may do something weird in it.
- Rick

Not a big comic boy guy. I thought the first two “Spider-Man” movies were good, and I’ll enjoy a good super-hero flick. But you won’t see me standing in line in costume for any movie. Well except maybe “Sense and Sensibility.” That Mr. Willoughby, what a dastardly harrumph!

Have you ever seen a grown man naked?
- Anonymous

No, but I do enjoy movies about gladiators.

At the handshake after the Vanderbilt game it looked like Coach Fox had something long to get off his chest and the Vandy coach just listened, smiling graciously.
Do you think Coach Fox had something to apologize for? I didn't see the technical foul and the crowd reaction just before the end of the game. Did something ugly happen?
- Anonymous

That’s honestly the first I’ve heard of anything between the coaches. I saw Fox stare down the officials, upset over the perceived lack of calls down the stretch. Fox was asked afterwards about the officiating and gave his usual no-comment, not wanting to incur the wrath of the SEC office.

Many Bulldogs were worried the S&C program would bring about a mass exodus of players. That has not been the case, what are you hearing from the players or others close to the program about the changes in S&C?
- Crap sandwich

Were many Bulldogs really worried about that? In any case, the feedback has been positive, and if any of it’s been negative, I seriously doubt Joe Tereshinski cares. And keep in mind, the most important feedback will be when the season actually starts.

In the new addition to the Butts-Mehre building, what's the point of having 15 yards of covered practice field? You can't even run a play in that thing! Why didn't we at least have 50 yards of a field covered?
- Eric

You’ve hit on something I’m curious about too.

Why does our universe have one time and three space continuams?
- Anonymous

Basically, just to screw with people.

So glad you opened this up. I'd love to have your take on this:
Is it possible to extend the Kronecker–Weber theorem on abelian extensions of rational numbers to any base number field?
- Anonymous

I’ll have to refer back to a response in the previous mailbag: I COULD give you an answer, but it would so intimidate and humiliate not only you but everyone reading it, so in the interest of modesty I’ll just kindly leave it alone.

What are your plans to get the trolls somewhat under control?
- PTC Dawg

Can’t everyone just ignore them? If I delete the comments, they just comment again. Set up a registration system, and they register, then re-register if they get banned, and the cycle goes on and on …

And by the way I don’t exactly have all day to monitor comments, and my job description does not include forum moderating. I do it anyway, but frankly I’d rather be spending my time reporting and writing rather than monitoring the forum.

What is up with our baseball team? I mean, we got swept by Stetson!!! Doesn't give us much hope for the year.
- Eric

Last year it was horrible pitching, although the hitting wasn’t too great either. Perno feels a bit better about the pitching this year, but that depends on a couple guys having better years. I wouldn’t jump off the building over the season-opening sweep, but yeah, you definitely have to see more before thinking this team is in for a major improvement.

At some point last year, we heard about former players speaking to the team about the UGA way. Any idea who they had speak before the bowl game? Do they have speakers for every game or is it bowl games? Who and how do they decide on speaking?
- Anonymous

It’s more of an informal thing, and not something Richt plans out for every game. I don’t recall any former players speaking to the team before the Liberty Bowl, and based on the results I’m not sure anyone would want to claim they did.

Question: What kind of bear is best?
- Anonymous

I thought this was another beer question before I read closer. Anyway, I’d have to say Brian Urlacher.

Why is the star QB allowed to play pick up soccer? I mean I understand the kid is supposed to have a life other than football, but c'mon, he is an elite QB, at an elite school (work with me here) in an elite conference. The kid should not be playing pick up soccer, BB or any other sport where he can get hurt. Go play some golf or something Aaron...
Is there any policy against this and if not, why not?
- Bulldawg

I don’t know, it would seem a bit reactionary to ban them from playing soccer just because of a sprained ankle. Especially when more than half the team rides around on scooters.

When is the G-day game this spring?
- Anonymous

That would be Saturday, April 16.

What's the deal with Washaun Ealey? Is he back in the good graces of the program yet?
- Anonymous

No change in status yet, I was told this afternoon. Still suspended from team activities.

In light of the recent struggles between the NFL player's union and the owners to agree on a new CBA I was wondering where the NFL coaches stood in this stand-off? We hear lots about the player's contracts, and the owner's books, but we rarely hear anything about the coaches and their assistant's contracts. Do NFL coaches side with the players or the owners/upper management? Could the lack of a forseeable CBA be pushing NFL coaches towards the college ranks next season, a la Coach O, or are they merely standing by awaiting the new CBA?
- Anonymous

Ostensibly, NFL coaches are management. But I get the sense they’ve got so much tunnel-vision they’re just worried about coaching the next game and don’t get too fired up with what side is right. Olividatti told The Washington Post that the lockout wasn’t a factor in his decision.

When do you think Georgia gets on the board for the Fulmer Cup? I'll set the over under at Mar. 11 (Start of Spring Break). I'll take the under. Although I don't know if they can duplicate the championship run from last year.
- Russ for UGA IX in ‘011


Why is "Colonoscopy for Dummies" advertised at the bottom of the page? That is creepy.
- Jonny

I hope it’s gone now. Yikes. If I went in for a colonoscopy – a painful enough thought as is – and saw Dr. Nick Riviera waiting for me, I’d probably just swallow the cyanide right then and there.

Why is your Twitter photo of Uga and not yourself?
- Andy

Gotta go with the better-looking picture.


Anonymous said...

You know your lack of spine on the R&B story is a sad commentary on where our news media is. Oh don't say anything because we must close ranks! BS!

I can comment on the BM building and small field. It was NEVER meant to be an indoor practice field. CMR DIDN'T get what he wanted with the expansion. Needless to say that IF GM had been AD at the time of expansion, CMR would have got everything he needed to stay competitive in the SEC. THAT is a story you should pursue.

Seth Emerson said...

I'm a 34-year-old veteran of 15 years or so in this business who doesn't need to get my rocks off by going after the student paper. I'll leave that to you, Mr. Internet tough guy.

Steve said...

False. Black bear.

squarebush said...

Funny that a post left by "Anonymous" accuses someone of lacking a spine.

Standup! said...

Okay. Layoff the student reporter who is what...18. The adult editor should have caught it. It is not like it was ESPN hiding behind sources. And second, who cares! If he broke his ankle, who cares. It is only February. Also, my understanding from the readers of the blog is that all "star" athletes should stay in padded rooms and only be brought out in the fall. Nice! So when he needs shoulder surgery after a round of golf, you only have yourself to blame. It is mid FEB and our BASKETBALL TEAM is in the midst of a March Mardness bid. Who cares about football right now! Yeah I said it.

Anonymous said...

So Seth,
Why don't you go after the editor who IS an adult or at least ask about it?
What about why the field is so small?


Internet Tough Guy.

Anonymous said...

Great comment Standup! And I was told by a current student assistant that the indoor facility is just eye candy. Its something that looks nice when recruits visit. Hardly any use beyond that, according to him.

Buster said...

Colonoscopies are not painful! They say to get one when you're 50. I wouldn't go past 45 myself!